Oooh… I haven’t done a Cavalcade! post in such a long time–so sorry! I’m going to try to get back to putting one together each week. There really are so many more things I’d like to share here than there is time in the day. More Cavalcade! posts HERE.

Skye in the Dace Donald top–photo by Lisa Warninger. Styling by Megan + sets by Chelsea.

I love this dreamy crossed heart wall flag.

Crossing my fingers that Bunheads gets renewed. I love this TV show so much.

Such a sweet photo by Gosta Peterson for Mademoiselle in 1966.

The first air show at the Paris Grand Palais in 1909. Autochrome Lumière photo by Léon Gimpel.

I STILL daydream about this perfect velvet chair!

Also, still in love with these beautiful shoes and this punched leather bag.

I want a baby deer to come hang out on my bed! Photo by Kimmika.

I love the visual impact of this row of little shelf houses.

More moons! Two moons at once. A lovely print!

An incredible black vintage dress.

This black and beige hexagonal handbag is a beauty.

Oh, just Victor Hugo hanging on a balcony in Geurnsey with two friends in 1865.
Hugo And Friends

I always adore a hot pink or hot coral accent. Amazing furniture pieces!

I know I already posted this garden rose cake, but it has so much icing and looks so yummy.

I want an indoor hammock for the living room! Photo by Anna Malmberg for Lisa Bengsston.
© Anna Malmberg

7 Responses to “Cavalcade!”
  1. kelsey says:

    loved this set of images! :) especially the punched leather purse

  2. I love Cavalcade posts. :) I especially love the photos of Victor Hugo and the first Paris Air Show–so fantastic!

  3. Megan Marie says:

    Such an awesome post! :)

    I too hope that Bunheads gets renewed. I love that show! <3

  4. daria says:

    I’m hoping Bunheads will be renewed, too, although I doubt it. It was my favorite show this/last year *sigh*