Here are a bunch of things I’ve been admiring lately… I don’t know if I can find a common thread this this time–maybe the colors. There’s so much lovely stuff out there. Two Cavalcade! posts in two weeks–maybe I’m on a roll! Find more of these roundups HERE.

I love Megan’s new Paper Doll lookbook and I love that she has these striped Dace tops.

I’d like to have these super cute shoes, please! That color is just perfect.

A sweet embroidered polka dot dress from France.

There are some beautiful sets in the new Lonely lingerie collection. That green is so pretty!

A dreamy photo from 1939. “Night Bathing” by Louise Dahl Wolfe.
Night Bathing

I love this photo of David Lynch + Laura Dern. I hope they’re really working on something!

A wonderful collection of Moroccan market baskets. Perfect for fruit and flower picking.

Anna makes such stunning jewelry. These pretty gold earrings are one of my favorites.

YES. This is a SECRET FLASK BANGLE. Fill up your bracelet with your favorite tipple.

I love the simple silhouette of these bronze Bling rings.

This Orion constellation cuff is a simple beauty.

Wonderful Herkimer rectangle earrings–handmade in Portland.

Oh, just Bettie White chillin with a Bengal tiger + preparing for an animal rights event.

I’m still very enamored with the amazing bear sculptures made by Wyatt Ellison.

I still regret not buying this forest fire oil painting when I had the chance 3 years ago.

The colors! I love this gorgeous oil painting portrait of an elegant lady from Susan’s shop.

A brass Victorian granny boot planter!?? Pretty amazing.

The Racket Chair from the Campana Brothers. Love the salvaged thonet chair iris and pupil!

I want to sit in this lovely wingback chair and read for a month!

YUM. A black tea cake with honey buttercream. Sounds SO GOOD.

6 Responses to “Cavalcade!”
  1. I really hope Laura Dern is working on something new as well! I adore her in Enlightened – it’s so good! I’ve also been eyeing that Cynthia Rowley flask bangle. It’s so damn clever.


  2. kelsey says:

    these are gorgeous shoes

  3. Those oxfords! Ah, so beautiful! The color is perfect! I studied abroad in London last year and I wore oxfords all the time. Sadly, they have been retired since then and I’ve been craving a new pair.
    xo Akshara

  4. Kat says:

    Everything is beautiful – Lonely Girl lingerie is awesome! But I am in LOVE with the bear sculpture! Like a connect the dots constellation picture of Ursa Major brought to life in three dimensions.

  5. Megan says:

    Secret flask bangle, are you kidding me?!? Thanks for including the Paper Doll Lookbook ;)

  6. I love Lonely lingerie, am crossing everything they make their cup sizing a little bigger sometime soon though…that French dress is just perfect, and I, too, want to sit in that wingback chair and read forever! Lovely, lovely collection as always.