Constantin Brancusi

I will always be in awe of the gorgeous sculptures made by Constantin Brâncuși. The plight of his original Montparnasse studio is such a roller coaster ride for conservationists and art enthusiasts. In a perfect world, his rough, light-streamed studio and the dilapidated building that housed it would have been preserved somehow immediately upon his death in 1957. I love what Man Ray and others said about Brâncuși’s magical studio:

For Man Ray, entering Brancusi’s studio was like “penetrating into another world.” The studio was also described as a sacred forest, an enchanted or mythical place where every object, even the tools, seemed to “vibrate with a supernatural presence.”–from GSAPP article by Albrecht Barthel






1. Amazing Brâncuși diorama by Joe Fig. 2. Studio of Constantin Brâncuși, Centre Pompidou. 3. Brancusi studio in 1920 by Edward Steichen. 4. Self-portrait of Constantin Brâncuși. 5. Portrait by Edward Steichen, 1922.

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  1. Beautiful. And what a stylish man!