Happy Friday! I’m starting the day off having breakfast with my friend, Trish, and then getting some chores done around the house to get ready for a weekend of friends from Seattle and dog-sitting a fun puppy buddy for a few days. So looking forward to it all! Have a fun weekend! See you bright and early on Monday. xx Jen P.S. I now have a VSCO photo grid!


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Love these super breezy summer dresses.

An adorable striped dress.

And… another perfect summer dress.

These ankle wrap sandals are SO GOOD. You can even order contrasting straps.


Drooling over this gorgeous leather jacket.

Yes. I would LOVE some black magic denim.

This would be a very dreamy beach coverup!

WOW. So many cute deadstock 1970s Italian swimsuits!

These bold necklaces are so pretty.

Love these sweet tote bags.

These pretty printed turbans are so good for summer.

An awesome VSCO cam app tutorial from lovely photographer, Ilenia.

I love these beautiful leather camera straps. 7 colors!

A fantastic post about how to roast your own coffee at home with a popcorn maker!

YUM. I’m totally making these vegan espresso fudgesicles.


Stop by Vuela because they are having a big summer sale!!

Holy moley. Lille’s lingerie sale section is AMAZING right now.

Everything is on sale at Revolving Styles!

Help some furry friends AND see better! Fetch Eyewear is having a HUGE summer sale! Plus all the money goes to rescue sweet animals! 20% off for a single pair. 30% off for two pair. 40% off for three or more pairs. Discounts taken at checkout and the sale runs now through 5pm PST Friday July 26th 2013. More HERE.



Images: Brigitte Bardot

7 Responses to “Friday!”
  1. Megan says:

    Hahaha I will be sure to make Smokey don his lil’ sheriff costume tomorrow!

  2. maggie says:

    I need to gain the courage to try out this whole turban trend. I am so lazy when it comes to hair so it would nice to throw it up in one!

  3. You have great taste in fashion! Love all of your links :)
    xo Akshara

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much Jen,
    I appreciate it :)

  5. Jill says:

    So many pretty links!! Brigitte in her prime = swoon! TGIF!

  6. Happy Friday! Great links, thanks for sharing :)

  7. Ilenia says:

    you are so kind!!!! thank you x