Klomp Ceramics

I love these beautiful ceramics from Klomp Ceramics by Alexia Klompje of Cape Town. Her work is so thoughtful and there is a little story behind each design. My favorite story is the one behind one of my favorite of her designs, the Pinch Bowls. Alexia says, “I leave them roughly pinched and brush them with classic blue oxide so that each of their own histories can be easily read. Like a map of their very existence.” Lovely!

“Each collection is going to be very intuitive as to what I make and when. I just go with what feels right at the time.”–Alexia Klompje, regarding her Klomp Ceramics collections

Klomp is also part of a massive healing process for Alexia. After undergoing surgery to remove a large brain tumor a year and a half ago and waking up to find half of her body paralyzed, she has been learning to rebuild and mould herself emotionally and physically–like her clay. Lucky for us she has found this medium to continue her journey. More HERE.









Images courtesy of Klomp Ceramics.

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