Happy Friday! This weekend, starting today, I am going to be doing a juice cleanse for the second time. Maybe I won’t weenie out this time and ravenously eat an emergency salad (read: salad greens with balsamic vinegar) on day two. I’m excited to reset my body after a summer full of house guests, trips and eating out a lot. If you’re in Portland–check out Portland Juice Press for juice cleanse delivery. Wish me luck! Have a good weekend! xx Jen


I love these earrings for autumn.

An adorable dress.

LOVE this dress in both colors.

GIMME! Both Sonora Black and Sonora Multi, please.

I’m definitely ordering one of these beauties.

Super dreamy umbrellas!

I really need to order these boots. Love the dark brown!

I wear these oxfords all the time—great to walk miles in!

I still want this bag. In BOTH colors. (on double sale!)

Beautiful hand-knit sweater.

I got a couple of these sweaters for fall—love ‘em!

The shape of this sweet top is good for those of us with… big boobs.

A really good price for a versatile fall hat!

I got one of these cashmere beauties on sale! LOVE.

I’m totally obsessed with this sweater.

A beautiful dress with tumbling fleurs.

This is a really perfect everyday shirt.

A good wardrobe staple? Oui!

MEOW. So cute.

This redness skincare kit has been helping my face feel better after a rosacea flare.

Speaking of kits–I’m looking forward to playing with this dye kit!

With this amazing book for guidance!

This tomato tart looks SO GOOD.

YUM!!! Salted rose honey pie.


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The Zinna pattern is 15% off through this Friday, September 20! No code necessary.


PHOTO CREDITS: 1. One of the best photos ever! The Tarot Reader–amazing model, Jean Patchett with surrealist artist, Bridget Tichenor, in New York in 1949 by Irving Penn. 2. Top British models of 1952 (left to right: Barbara Goalen, June Clarke, Shelagh Wilson, Pat Goddard, Susan Hook and June Duncanby) by John French.

4 Responses to “Friday!”
  1. maggie says:

    Love all the links! Happy Friday!

  2. My word, do I love this season. I’m all about the sweater too… and boots… and hats, AH! I just love it all. Happy to see the link to that salted rose honey pie (my dear friend writes that blog).

  3. Mary Anne E says:

    Love all the links, especially the jewelry promotions. I see that you love hats as well. Great place for hats locally is Bonnet.

    No affiliation, just love them. Staff is super friendly and they have the cutest greeter Thurman, the dog.

  4. Mary says:

    Just found your blog, and I’m in love. Looking forward to exploring and reading more. My husband is originally from Portland, and I feel so at home when we visit – such a wonderful place!

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