Happy Friday! Have a super weekend! I have a lot of mind-numbingly humdrum tasks to complete, but I hope to eat more of this fig and goat cheese pizza with my husband at some point. You have to have treats to look forward to when you have tiresome stuff to tend to, right? I hope your weekend plans have nothing but wonder and delight involved! xx Jen

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♥ Oh, HELLO super beautiful jacket!

♥ FYI–this sweet headband fits a grown lady head just fine. Ahem.

♥ A dreamy and dotty dress.

♥ I LOVE this sweater in both colors.

♥ This is such a sweet cardigan!

♥ I’ll be busy blowing kisses to this MH cardigan of my dreams.

♥ I totally need a $650 pink popcorn sweater. Sigh.

♥ A perfect, long autumn skirt.

♥ Good stripes.

♥ A very lovely and basic top.

♥ WOW. What a beautiful blouse–the shape and pattern are so cool.

♥ Pretty much the wallet I’ve been waiting for.

♥ I need this t-shirt. Everyone in the NW does, really.

♥ I kind of feel like everyone I know needs one of these for lounging about.

♥ I would like to eat these fig and mascarpone mini tarts, please.


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Image: A gorgeous photograph by Lisa Larsen from 1949 at Capezio Theatrical Shoes, New York.

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