Mazama Wares

YAY! I’m excited about the new drinking vessels from Portland’s Mazama Wares. I’m already thinking about the hot chocolate, tea and coffee I will be happily sipping all fall and winter from the beautiful mug I have coming. These lovely folks have a sweet Kickstarter campaign going on and you can be the first to score a variety of different Mazama ceramic pieces. I’m thinking of ordering a few more as holiday gifts for family, too. More Mazama HERE.







Images courtesy of Mazama Wares.

4 Responses to “Mazama Wares”
  1. maggie says:

    These are lovely! Makes me want some tea :)

  2. I want everything they make.

  3. april says:

    BEAUTIFUL! The shapes and matte glazes are just so perfect! I am SO into that sake set!!! I was ready to further my debt until I saw the dreaded “ships only within US” message :(

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