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Happy October! I’m looking forward to stopping by Eden this week to smell their new fragrances from Valchemy Lab. I love that there is a scent called “Swan“. Somehow white violet powder seems like a fitting scent for those elegant, mean birds. The Phoenix scent sounds lovely with lavender and clove. There’s also Siren with jasmine, sandalwood and tuberose. Read more about each fragrance HERE.


✚ My fun interview with fantastic NY jewelry designer and shop owner, Erica Weiner.

✚ My home is the backdrop for this dreamy lookbook. Zelda’s in the video!

✚ Tarot reading in 1949 and LOTS of LOVELY AUTUMN LINKS!

✚ Beautiful plant dyed clothing.

✚ These poetry-inspired scarves from Paris are amazing.

✚ Such a pretty collection–lace, velvet and floral without being precious.

✚ My dream uniform. Like my high school style, but way better.

✚ Joan Crawford is a dreamboat in tap pants + LOTS of LOVELY LINKS.

✚ Monika’s pretty new jewelry collection.

✚ I love these sunny backstage and runway looks.

✚ Stuff happening around Portland and circus girls!

✚ Wonderful new clutches and pouches made in PDX!

✚ I’d like to go HERE, please.

✚ I want her hair and I love this collection.

✚ Sweet wardrobe staples made in Brooklyn.

✚ This whole collection is SO GOOD.

✚ I especially love the lips and anchor–wonderful illustrations from Seattle!



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  1. maggie says:

    I am such a fragrance junkie – definitely will check this out!

  2. Oh my! Those fragrances – I am swooning <3

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