Windward Wearables

I’m in love with the new scarves from Windward Wearables by lovely Inge van Geem. This talented lady has been a longtime HK reader and I love seeing these beauties finally up in her new shop! All of her dreamy prints were inspired by time she and her husband spent at the ocean during their stay on Vancouver Island while on a six month relocation to Victoria, B.C. from the Netherlands. She makes, prints and paints each hemp scarf by all hand which makes them even more special. I want this one and this one AND this one! More HERE.






Images courtesy of Windward Wearables.

2 Responses to “Windward Wearables”
  1. kelsey says:

    gorgeous scarves

  2. maggie says:

    These scarves are lovely! And it is FINALLY cooling down in LA, so maybe I need to snag one.