Happy Friday! Do you ever have those weeks where you are too busy to slow down and you feel like you are running towards a finish line where you can finally reward yourself with really mundane things, like painting your sad nails, drinking warm things and reading something that has pages you can touch? That’s where I’m at. So thrilled to throw on my pajamas, a big sweater and collapse into domesticity. Have a good weekend! xx

P.S. San Francisco readers–make sure to check out the West Coast Craft marketplace! There is a truly phenomenal lineup of makers participating this year. MORE INFO.


✖ SO MANY SWEET DEALS! Roundups + shop codes from 40 amazing shops.

✖ Make sure to enter my dreamy Seaworthy giveaway!

✖ My fave cashmere sweater is on super sale (code: STYLETIME)–$82 OFF!

✖ If you are in the market for a wonderful coffeemaker, I love THIS ONE.

✖ I really need to get one of these beauties for daily cold weather cooking.

✖ These lipstick colors all look so pretty!

✖ Pretty in love with this dress.


✖ In my dreams, I have these tights.

✖ Oh hello, rattlesnake tights. So good!

✖ AAaaand… SNAKE SHOES. Amazing.

✖ Just mesmerizing and dreamy shoes.

✖ Beautiful little black suede boots.

✖ Sweet bracelets in pyrite and rope.

✖ Cozy, inexpensive white starry pajama bottoms.

✖ This brassy geometric hanging mobile is so cool.

✖ I’d love to get one of these awesome tools.

✖ I love this striped shower curtain.

✖ Sweet honeycomb bath mat.

✖ Another nice one.

✖ Cute metallic cosmetic bags.

✖ And… love these nautical ones.

✖ I love that these fit perfectly inside the medicine cabinet.

✖ Cute! Anchor oven mitts.

✖ Nice flowery pillow cases.

IMAGE: Brigitte Bardot chilling out on the beach between takes. In Dirleton, Scotland in 1966.

3 Responses to “Friday!”
  1. nicole b. says:

    Lovely list. I thought these might make the cut. Cashmere boy shorts from Catbird. WANT. Have a great weekend. xo.

  2. maggie says:

    I need at least half of those MAC lipsticks.

  3. That bone dress and black and white splatter skirt are making me weak at the knees…