I’ve been staring at the wire polar bear head in the Woonwinkel shop for far too long. It’s so amazing! I can’t decide between white or black and I keep going back and forth. Here are more of my favorites below. If you’re in Portland or are planning a visit–make sure to check out Erica and Kristin’s wonderful shop! Woonwinkel is at 935 SW Washington St. More HERE.

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MY WOONWINKEL FAVES: 1. embroidered fox pocket doll 2. embroidered rabbit ornament 3. wire arrow 4. leather strap basket 5. tea towel 6. wire polar bear 7. bamboo basket 8. wire basket 9. metallic leather coasters 10. embroidered linen bucket

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  1. kelsey says:

    i adore this store. always lustily look in the windows!

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