Gift Guide: Forest & Field Lovers


My mom has always collected antique books and I cannot count how many hours of my childhood were spent in dusty old bookshops reading in a corner and flipping through children’s books that seemed to have ghosts between their pages. I’ve always loved it when you find the shadow of a pressed pansy or fern frond or, even better, a pressed leaf or flower still intact. Those books will always be magic, but I also love the idea of having a proper kit and little frames to press your own botanical treasures found in forests and fields.

DIY PRESSED PLANTS & FLOWERS: small plant press | botanical frame | small solarium frames | oak and brass plant press | leaves & seeds id mounts| botanical press

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  1. maggie says:

    Um, I think I may have to put this on MY wishlist and hope that I receive it from someone. Great post!

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