Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to having breakfast with my friends Kassandra and Megan today, running some errands, doing a little antiquing and going to see a movie or two this weekend. Also, most likely, ending up having too many glasses of red wine while covered in indigo later this weekend when Teresa and I have our first fun dye experiment day. I hope you’re all up to some fun shenanigans–have a wonderful weekend and Martin Luther King day for my US pals. See you back here on Tuesday! xo Jen


▲ I LOVE this interview with Lorde by Tavi Gevinson at Rookie.

▲ This is an incredibly terrifying list of reasons for hospital admission for ‘the insane’.

▲ I love all these cute sunglasses–such a good deal!!

▲ Oooh! A very lovely new Pendleton spring travel bag.

▲ I’m in love with this gorgeous black leather bag that Alice makes. Good size!

▲ I really want this beautiful new God’s Eye Pendleton blanket, too.

▲ Love this gorgeous new jacket for beach walks or going out.

▲ LOVE LOVE LOVE this polka dot top.

▲ These silk camisoles are a sweet closet staple.

▲ Dusty petal, black, white and navy in this sweet linen tee, please.

▲ This is a great striped everyday shirt for all seasons.

▲ This is such a pretty silk dress–love the collar and sleeves.

▲ The sweetest new Pendleton dress–the back is amazing.

▲ Love the new heathered colors for my favorite everyday basic sweater.

▲ I love this rose gold and darker brown leather watch.

▲ This natural leather and rose gold watch is a beauty, too.

▲ I’d like to find a nice everyday dark leather shoulder bag with pretty brass zippers.

▲ These are some cute pajamas.

▲ I love this beautiful wool shirt/coat for my husband.

▲ The colors on these men’s socks are so good.

▲ I think this hat is such a pretty color.

▲ Lovely pale peachy pink lace underpants.

▲ An absolutely stunning little rosewater tutorial post.

Image: Amazingly talented lady, Bette Davis.

One Response to “Friday!”
  1. jen says:

    Oh, jealous! I want to dye stuff too, especially with indigo. (I’d also like to try other natural dyes like woad.)

    A while back I bought a leather bag from The quality is pretty nice esp for the price and I love her designs. But there are a few things I don’t like: the strap hurts my shoulder (I have the Baby Ballet style) and I find the bag a little heavy…but I’m sort of a wimp and I guess most leather bags are heavy-ish anyway. I’m not crazy about the satin lining BUT she may have changed that to cotton twill. I love the leather smell though. So, a recommendation–with caveats.