The Perfume Counter

These perfume bottles photographed in 1947 are so beautiful! The first fragrance bottle and box from Elsa Schiaparelli is especially enchanting. The sun shape was the limited edition perfume, Le Roy Soleil, and the bottle was designed by Salvador Dalí as an homage to Louis XIV (The Sun King) with glass made by Baccarat. Such a magical creation!

These displays also make me think about my grandmother (Honey Kennedy) because she always loved Joy by Jean Patou. I’m imagining that this might have been the scene when my grandmother went shopping at department stores with her friends when she was a teen in NY around this time. I wish she’d bought that bottle by Dali! Sigh.









Photography by Hans Wild for Life. Paris, 1947.

2 Responses to “The Perfume Counter”
  1. Oh man…that Dali bottle is incredible! Schiaparelli bottles were always so nifty. I think I need that perfume stepladder thingy.

  2. Oh my, how dreamy. I think my love of packaging stems from the elegant perfume my grandma used to display on her vanity. I want them all!!!