Brookes Boswell

I love the new Brookes Boswell Millinery hand painted straw collaboration with artist, Tracy Thomason, Pour Drip Scrape: A Second Summer Straw. The friends met eight years ago as MFA candidates in Architecture and Painting at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Those wide brim hats are beauties! The hats are all made by hand in Brooklyn. More HERE.

“The construction of each hat emphasizes the raw beauty and texture of the painted canvas, inviting the possibility of the paint rather than choking it free. Each of Tracy’s hand-painted creations evokes action painting, drawing from feminist performance art, the psychedelic and Rorschach tests.”






Images courtesy of Brookes Boswell. Photography by Michael Cooper.

One Response to “Brookes Boswell”
  1. They are very beautiful and poetic! I LOVE the last one!