Living Room Glass

I love these terrariums from Living Room Glass by Jessie Cundiff. Jessie has been working with glass since 2001 and makes these beauties from the comfort of her Cincinnati living room with recycled glass she finds at thrift shops. All her shapes are so cool! Now that I am a reformed plant slayer, I feel like investing in a few more pretty plant vessels would be fun instead of completely delusional. More HERE.








Images courtesy of Living Room Glass.

Photography: Aaron Conway
Art Direction: James Schenck
Styling: Jessie Cundiff

6 Responses to “Living Room Glass”
  1. maggie says:

    Hahaha – “reformed plant slayer” – that made me laugh! These are so absolutely lovely.

  2. Andi says:

    Oooooh I love it all!

  3. Kailey says:

    These are absolutely beautiful!

  4. allison b-t says:

    these are gorgeous!

    i may need to get some plant care tips from you, haha. my mom, who has a crazy green thumb, has actually banned me from having plants because no matter what, i always kill them. i dream of a house full of plants but they always end up dead from over- or under-watering. so sad!

  5. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for featuring me on your lovely blog! If you ever want a terrarium of your own, let me know ;)