Celia Rowlson-Hall

I was just thinking about lovely Celia Rowlson-Hall. Watching Celia’s videos always puts me in a better mood and following along to her dance routines is much more fun than my damn elliptical. She even has dance moves called ‘Weird Dinosaur Pterodactyl Something…’ and ‘Dynamite & Birdy Birdy’. It’s been a while since I mentioned this dynamo and she has done a lot of marvelous things since the last time I gushed about how rad she is. Here are a bunch of videos I’ve been having fun watching. Oh, AND I’m happy to report that she went and got herself over $50,000 in Kickstarter dollars to make her first feature-length film, MA, which I was very excited to contribute to! Looking forward to seeing her dream come true.

Here is a bunch of Celia Rowlson-Hall fun to enjoy on this Monnnndaaaay… more HERE.

“Dress Rehearsal” for Rachel Antonoff F/W 2014. Written and directed by Celia Rowlson-Hall.

The Girls Beach House Dance. Celia made up that dance in season 3 of GIRLS.

Way To Go. Celia with her pal, Lexy Hulme. SO FUN.

Cover Girl Dance. Celia does the dance she choreographed for Lena and Hamish below.

Lena Dunham and Hamish Bowles doing Celia’s Cover Girl dance for Vogue. Shalom it out!

The Audition. Celia’s jumping through hoops and being a super sexy frog.

Olive Juice. Celia’s cute artwork and general silliness.

Mariah’s Lollipop. Celia and Lexy dancing at the 99 cent store.

A Study In Color. A very cool video for Keller Shoes–an old fave.

Alexandra Grecco F/W 2010. One of my favorites for 4 years–LOVE THIS.

3 Responses to “Celia Rowlson-Hall”
  1. sheila says:

    well, my monday morning has been made. rachel antonoff’s fall 2014 video is brilliant, so hilarious. the clothes, i’m dying. i loved that dance on girls. so fun to watch these. cheers, lady.

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh, these are so good! I’d never heard of Celia before. I’ve never been a traditionally “sexy” dancer myself, so her videos give me some hope :) Thanks so much for sharing!

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