So, it’s Friday? I have no idea how this week went so fast. The pace of time is endlessly distressing (not a good use of time!?). I thought what might really be helpful is a tutorial for how to slow time down, but it just makes me wish I had more time and money to travel! Sigh. This weekend is full of tedious, time consuming tasks that I’m not looking forward to, so tonight will be all about slowing the week down with some takeout, nail polish, wine and a good Brit crime drama. I hope you have some slow, enjoyable plans for the weekend!


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♥ My new favorite top. I’m never taking it off.

♥ I love this blush dress and the black version, too!

♥ Love love love this super cute linen dress.

♥ …and the also super cute striped version.

♥ These dusty pink linen shorts are a lovely closet staple.

♥ Love this easy, slouchy sweater.

Cashmere hoodie? Yes, please. 5, please.

♥ I’m not much of a t-shirt person, but this one I really like.

♥ These spotted flats are sweet for spring.

♥ I really need to buy a pair of these shoes for spring bike rides.

♥ I like these cute suede slip on sneakers.

♥ The very cutest of all the slip on sneaks.

♥ A beautiful custom ceramic moon pendant.

♥ My current fave candle—smells like sunny days are coming!

♥ I tried a sample of this perfume and it’s lovely! Pine, lavender, cardamom!

♥ I love this new ‘envy’ color lipstick that I picked up.

♥ The ‘fiery’ color is lovely, too!


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IMAGES ABOVE: 1. Photograph by Charles Allmon from “Martinique: A Tropical Bit of France,” National Geographic, February, 1959. 2. Dorian Leigh a pleated address with leather straps by Carven. Photo by Georges Dambier, March 1954.

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