Happy Friday! Have a fun weekend! I’ve been working like a maniac this week to be able to have a totally fun day today and I’m ready for the awesome. Lovely breakfast with the ladies, a little shopping, The Grand Budapest Hotel, park times and long walks with Miss Fitzpuppy and my Mr., a glass of Vinho Verde, a big bowl of Vietnamese curry and last night’s episode of Scandal (the president on the show is such a lame d-bag–why is Olivia into him????).

P.S. Don’t get pinched on Monday–remember to wear your green!


I really, really love these anemone earrings.

And this beautiful gold ring.

Twilight jasmine, daydreams, moonbeams and vamp essence? Gimme.

A beautiful natural leather clutch and pretty black.

Cute pink sneaks.

Such a dreamy cream dress—I love the back.

And in black.

Love these linen overalls.

One in every color, please.

I LOVE this linen slicker.

The perfect shore jacket to go visit lighthouses in.

Dreamy striped pajamas—LOVE THESE.

Some pretty rose gold oxfords.

These sweet Lolita heart sunnies.

I’ve been making and freezing these recipes. Yummy and cheap meals! (cut salt in half though–I think the recipes call for way too much!)


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ABOVE IMAGE: A lovely photo of Mary Jane Russell in silk pajamas by John Rawlings for Vogue, December 1953.

4 Responses to “Friday!”
  1. Katie says:

    Lovely list as usual. I used to buy J Crew cashmere. I have a couple of sweaters that have held up well, but despite taking great care of them, I have had too many duds to justify buying their cashmere. As usual, they offer gorgeous colors and cool styles- they tempt me. If you’ve purchased cashmere from J Crew in the last year or so would you be willing to comment on the quality? Thanks.

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Hi Katie! Yes, I have. I’ve purchased the cashmere Tippi sweater and the cashmere v-neck. I’ve had good luck with them considering how often I wear them. I probably buy 2 cashmere pieces from them a year, so I have a pretty nice sweater stack. My most worn cardigan (I think it was called a “femme cardigan” from 3 or 4 years ago just wore a hole in one of the elbows, but I knew I was wearing it to death. I am careful with my cashmere and rotate it and get it dry cleaned once it starts to get musty. I haven’t had a problem with pilling, luckily.

  2. Katie says:

    Thanks, Jen! Perhaps I’ll give into my cashmere temptations.

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