Happy Friday!


It’s here. It’s really Friday. I’m looking forward to getting some sleep this weekend. I’ve been getting terrible headaches all week for some reason (allergies? plague?) and I have a Crater Lake-sized sleep deficit to make up for. HAVING HEADACHES WHEN IT IS SUNNY IS THE WORST. OK, I’m done complaining–I feel like that’s all I’ve been doing all week. My new book came in the mail, so I’m just going to create a bed nest and zip it. Have fun out there! ♥


This beautiful dress is on super sale. LOVE.

Eeeep! Perfect striped dress.

Oh, and thiiiissss dress. So pretty.

Very dreamy silk slow dance summer dress.

Aaaaaand… I love a silk paisley dress.

I think this bra and these undies are majorly adorable.

Ballet pink ballet flats with even an iota of arch support? Sign me up.

Nice linen sneaks.

These new cropped jeans look pretty cute and the white ones, too.

Beautiful beautiful beautiful top.

A super cute plaid summer top.

A perfect jacket for early spring–especially in the fickle Pacific NW weather!

Absolutely stunning coiled serpent jewelry set.

I love these earrings–so simple and elegant.

A pretty Edwardian wedding dress. Perfect for a breezy summer event in a field of flowers!

Very cool tattooed mummy princess found in Siberia.

A good looking’ travel checkers set.

I’m still obsessed with this gorgeous leather basket. My magazines need a home!

The recipe for the amazing farro parmesan pie they serve at Luce in Portland.


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PHOTO ABOVE: Wilhelmina Cooper photographed by John Rawlings, 1965.

2 Responses to “Happy Friday!”
  1. Andi says:

    Love these links, especially the dresses!

  2. Boo to headaches! I swear there is something in the air. I had a migraine from Sunday till Wednesday.

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