Steven Alan


Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a good weekend! My Saturday was wonderful, but Sunday could, frankly, use a punch in the damn face. Maybe there is something going on with the planets?? At any rate, I hope this week makes up for it in spades and that everyone has a breezy week with of good vibes all around. Let’s all manifest some awesomeness.

Here are some things I think are cute from Steven Alan. My current faves are the striped sandwashed silk dress, cropped car coat, mhl cropped jacket, the crossover jumpsuit, the white oxford sling backs, this white marble trivet, this apron and all the rest. More HERE.


Nice linen and cotton pieces for good prices in this cute collection.

I love the ocean color of these beautiful jewels and their healing and protection properties.

Pretty new clothes for spring in natural textiles.

A beautiful new collection of bags.

An overwhelming amount of beautiful clothes and shoes. This shop is AMAAAAZING.

This Portland-based shop has an incredible selection.

Some fantastic furniture and housewares from a maker who doesn’t ever overthink it.

A very dreamy new clothing collection.

Beautiful limited edition linen blankets and pillows with amazing patterns!

Some of my handmade faves from Maji’s wonderful shop.

Weekend plans, natural escapism, an amazing 1950s home and LOTS of lovely links.

These gorgeous new marble jewels are perrrrfect!

Lovely ceramics–I especially love the snake bracelets.

Sweet new Honey Kennedy contributor, Allison, stops by a wonderful PDX shop.






Images courtesy of Steven Alan.

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  1. Yes, lots of cute things from Steven Alan in this collection. Well played.