YAY! Happy Friday, friends! I’m thrilled that the weekend is here. The mountain of work I did this week — topped with epic battles with my unrelenting insomnia issue (it’s been really bad, you guys) — have left me just a shell of a girl. I am ready to put down the computer and frolic through the fields, so to speak. I’ve got the coast on my mind — it’s my happy place. I am feeling the strong pull to go stare at the sea to release, relax and recharge… all the re-s.

Since before New Year, I’ve had so many post ideas swirling around in my head while I’ve been working on other things, but I’ve had a very difficult time finding the time to really get them fully formed. It feels like these wisps are just flitting around my head while I try to steer a ship and keep it on course. I’m going to take a long weekend to pin down some of those ideas that have been circling and making that a priority feels really good. I would also like to recline on a yacht, like Clara above, but we’ll have to see. Have a good weekend! xo Jen


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ABOVE PHOTOS: The incomparable Clara Bow.

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    Have a relaxing weekend Jen!

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