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I LOVE HAVING THIS STUFF WHEN I TRAVEL: 1. block shop dolly scarf 2. frends layla headphones 3. tata harper bedtime treatment + tata harper stress treatment 4. wilfred cashemere socks 5. nuxe huile prodigieuse 6. burt’s bees white tea cleansing towlettes 7. nuxe reve de miel ultra nourishing lip balm 8. aesop resurrection aromatique hand balm 9. hard candy 10. clark’s rose ballet flats 11. sara barner tan toiletry case

If you are ever seated on a plane next to a girl who huffs little aromatherapy tubes, pops hard candy and listens to her shoegaze tunes just a little too loud on her headphones–that’s me! The nutter who frequently moisturizes her hands and gives herself a mini facial before covering her face with a giant scarf before whispering, “oh god. this is it…” at the smallest rattle of turbulence–that’s me! Hi AND I apologize in advance. Trying to make some loose travel plans to visit friends in other states and countries started me thinking about my odd in-flight coping rituals and personal “travel essentials”. So, here we are.

FUN FACT: For many people, a fear of flying can be triggered by a traumatic personal event shortly before or shortly after a flight–not the flight itself. This is why the phobia can come on suddenly and seems unexplained. I grew up traveling by airplane fairly often and was always totally unfazed by it until I was eighteen. I’d taken a late night flight home to Seattle after a two week visit with my grandparents while my grandmother was ill and woke up to my step-father knocking on my apartment door to come tell me that she had passed. I was devastated that she was gone and that I wasn’t there. Months later, I was going on another trip and was terrified to get on the airplane for the first time in my life. I only found out a few years ago that these two events were related. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


1. DOLLY SCARF: I love so many of the amazing prints from Block Shop Textiles. A giant scarf comes in handy when you’re traveling for many reasons: scrunched into a pillow, draped as a phobia shroud, defense for unpleasant scents, a makeshift sleep mask, and for basic chills. I love my Dolly and I’d also love to have the Light Indigo Herringbone print.

2. LAYLA HEADPHONES: These rose gold beauties were a Christmas gift to myself last year and I love them. I’m not a big fan of earbuds (don’t really like how they feel), but I’ve always just sucked it up and used whatever came with whatever device besides some GIANT white ones I’d wear around the house. These sound fantastic, feel good and are easy on the eyes. I listen to a lot of music and audiobooks on these when I fly or take the train.

3. AROMATIC STRESS TREATMENTS + AROMATIC BEDTIME TREATMENT: These little bottles of potions are pricey, but they last a long time and help keep me from pacing the aisles. They are in a rollerball form, so I can sniff them without applying them to my skin and potentially bothering other passengers’ allergies or fragrance sensitivities. I’m particularly fond of the Stress Treatment–it really does calm me down in a lot of different situations.

4. CASHMERE SOCKS: I like to have a pair in my handbag in case my feet get cold or if I just want to slip off my ballet flats. These aren’t the brand I own–I can’t remember where mine came from, but you can get a cotton or wool cashmere blend without breaking the bank and they feel nice.

5. HUILE PRODIGIEUSE (20% off code SUM20 thru 6/2): I’ve mentioned how much I love this dry oil a few times before. I have a little bottle that I can take on the plane with me and it’s lovely to be able to moisturize your face after freshening up and cleaning your skin with cleansing towelettes (see below). It’s also wonderful if your hair is frizzing up. (P.S. If you are in Portland, you can go get your Nuxe products at Nationale at 811 E. Burnside!)

6. WHITE TEA CLEANSING TOWELETTES: A lot of cleansing towelettes bother my sensitive skin, but these have never given me a problem even when I’m having a rosacea breakout.

7. REVE DE MIEL ULTRA NOURISHING LIP BALM (20% off code SUM20 thru 6/2): This wonderful stuff really hydrates and exfoliates a little bit. I get dehydrated fast when I fly and this lip balm always keeps me from getting chapped lips. I’m a compulsive lip balmer. This also makes a lovely little gift for friends and loved ones.

8. RESURRECTION AROMATIQUE HAND BALM: Hands down (cymbal crash) the best hand moisturizer I’ve ever used–I can never run out. Ever. And this is another beauty product that I love to give as a gift to friends and family.

9. HARD CANDY: Just so I get all five senses occupied to get my mind overwhelmed and distracted–I carry hard candy with me in my bag, like a proper septuagenarian. My poison is Atomic Fireballs, Lemonheads, Jolly Ranchers and lollies.

10. ROSE BALLET FLATS: I only wear comfy ballet flats when I travel. Not shown are the absolutely necessary pair of skimmer socks, so you can go through airport security without being barefoot (horrors!). I like that they are barely there and you can slip them on and off easily. I bought these sweet pink ones recently and they are great.

11. TAN LEATHER TOILETRY CASE: I don’t actually own this beautiful cosmetics case from Sara Barner yet, but I really want it to neatly store all my little travel tools. I also want all of Sara’s other amazing bags.

12. MAGAZINES (not shown): For me, plane trips are a time for trashy mags. I’m always too distracted with my flight phobic thoughts (“We’re in a metal bird!”) to read something I really want to enjoy. I just want some dumb gossip and fashion rags to flip through and leave in the seat pocket when we land. I keep my good import mags to read at home!

6 Responses to “Travel Essentials”
  1. maggie says:

    Those aromatic stress treatments look like something right up my alley – great round up!

  2. A says:

    Oh, cannot fly without a giant thin wool scarf or wee cashmere throw. I don’t have a phobia of the plane; it’s the people I can’t stand. Who’s more inconsiderate than a horde of oblivious travelers? It may be a placebo but Bach’s Rescue Remedy has probably prevented me from punching a lot of people in the throat. THAT GRAND PIANO IS NOT A CARRY-ON. I love that you’ve found things that work for you, too, and I would totally enjoy basking in your aromatherapy cloud.

  3. This totally makes me want to step up my travel game! I just need to force myself to make the investment… I know it’s worth it…

  4. Morgan says:

    Wow, I just wrote a really similar post on my blog today, we are so similar! I only started hating flying recently and it’s weird to come to terms with after years of happily flying short- and long-haul.

  5. Great post! I love those cleaning towelettes. They seem so wasteful otherwise, but for travel purposes they are just perfect.

  6. Tamera Ferro says:

    I basically bathe in Irritability Treatment before I fly. And during. And after. And all day long at the office I run it in my diffuser.

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