Radiate Good Vibes

I love these Thunderwing foil-stamped posters and cards by Nic Taylor and Jennifer Brandt-Taylor. I’m REALLY loving the Radiate Good Vibes prints in both gold and grey — I can’t decide which one to buy! The beautiful and inspiring design was done by Nic while he recovered from a serious hand injury a few years ago. Aaaaaand it comes as a card as well. The card Surrounding You With White Light makes me happy too — it’s something I close my eyes and do pretty often for myself (especially before getting on a plane!) and for others. More HERE.




Images courtesy of Thunderwing.

3 Responses to “Radiate Good Vibes”
  1. Emily Tate says:

    What a great collection – thank you so much for sharing! I can never get enough cards… xo

  2. maggie says:

    I am also really digging that radiate good vibes piece. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think I need that print…

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