Shop Visit: Liza Rietz


Tucked behind Oko in the Thurman Street Studios building, you’ll find the showroom of Liza Rietz. Liza is a veteran of Portland’s fashion scene and has been producing clothing since 2001. I feel that her unique sculptural style and superb craftsmanship truly set her apart.

While enjoying the curatorial tour of the Fashioning Cascadia exhibit (currently on display at the Museum of Contemporary Craft through October 11) local designer, Adam Arnold, remarked that Liza’s clothing “gives the illusion of defying gravity”. Liza explained that it’s no accident — highly inspired by architecture and art sculpture, she has experimented with a variety of fabrics, including upholstery fabrics, in order to achieve her signature style. Don’t let that intimidate you — Liza’s designs are also feminine and highly wearable. While she primarily works on custom projects, there are some wonderful ready-to-wear items available in her showroom so be sure to stop by and take a peek.


The Liza Rietz showroom is located at 2774 NW Thurman St in Portland, OR and is open 11AM-6PM Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment only on Sundays and Mondays. You can also find Liza on Facebook and @lizarietz on Instagram.

If you aren’t in Portland, you can shop some of Liza’s work HERE in her Etsy shop!


Shop Visit is a Honey Kennedy series about shops and studios found in Portland and beyond. This post is by Honey Kennedy contributor Allison Burt-Tilden. Stop by her lovely blog Votre Grande Soeur

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  1. Anna Marie says:

    She’s so talented! One of my favorite local designers.

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