Monday, Monday


Happy Monday, friends. How is it Monday already? Seriously. I guess my goals were pretty lofty for the weekend. I thought I’d have a lot more house stuff unpacked and organized by today. I don’t understand how people get their houses unpacked and looking perfect in like a week. HOW DO THEY DO IT!!? It baffles me. Maybe other people have super deep pockets or a family-owned, wish-granting unicorn?

Every time we move into a new space, nothing we had before really seems to fit that well and I need to hem and haw and hunt for what to get for every spot. Plus, since we bought this house, we have had to spend our small budget on making the invisible things run properly and we don’t have the money to buy the pretty, big ticket items that we really want and/or need for our new home. We need a fence, 3 big rugs, lighting, a staircase runner (we have to carry Zelda up and down the stairs — she is humiliated), bookshelves, curtain rods, shades in some rooms, clothing racks (there is no closet space), paint, frames for artwork and a zillion other things. We’ve been living here a little over a week now and I’m only able to post pics of the living room… well, 2/3 of it. And “Coffee Corner”. Can anyone else relate?


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Photos of our new house + neighborhood by me, Jen McCabe. From my Instagram.

4 Responses to “Monday, Monday”
  1. Julia says:

    Ooh, you’re house has the sweetest vintage details!

    I can relate… My husband and I just moved to Portland a month ago and our hallway is still full of unpacked boxes of books. I just don’t mention it when friends visit thinking that maybe they won’t notice? ;)

    Congrats on your house!

  2. CONGRATS JEN!!!!!!!! Peninsula park is my go to spot. Your house looks amazing and adorable and I’m crazy happy for you. xo Lisa

  3. allison_bt says:

    We’ve been in our house seven years now. You saw it: we still need to replace some hideous light fixtures, rip out some nasty carpet, and our furniture is all from Ikea & Target and needs to GO. It’s so frustrating when I think of the tens of thousands of dollars we’ve spent on the invisible stuff: a new roof, all new support beams, a garage, etc. and now our front porch floor needs replacing. It’s definitely a work in progress but since you’ll be there for at least the next 100 years, you’ve got time and it will all come together. XO & hang in there!!

  4. allison_bt says:

    PS. It also helps that you bought such a lovely gem!