Nisolo Shoes

Now that I’m in deep with my Nisolo shoe love, I need to get it together and choose a couple pairs for fall. My shoe situation is bad. I’m in that state where most of my go-to pairs are in various stages of dilapidation and/or haunting irritation: too squeaky (!?), too stretched out, suede bald in some spots (not in a pretty way), were always slightly big, were always slightly small, that weird stitch is still in that spot that rubs my ankle raw or they’re just “sittin’ shoes”. Anyways, I need some new everyday kicks and the well-priced, handmade beauties by Nashville’s Nisolo are beckoning. I’m most enamored with the Oliver Oxfords in both Noir and Brandy, the dreamy Smoking Shoes in Noir and Brandy, the black Austin Ankle Booties, and the Chukka Boots in Steel and Brandy both look super versatile. More HERE.








Images courtesy of Nisolo Shoes.

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  1. Kate says:

    What about that adorable floral dress?! Where can I find that?