Bernard Boutet de Monvel

I’ve been so taken with the stunning oil portraits by Bernard Boutet de Monvel — particularly from the late 1920s through early 1940s. His colors are a dream and it makes my heart skip a beat that he usually included a floral element especially when it came to ladies and children. His wife Delfina and daughter Sylvie were often his subjects, but he was beloved by the European and American high society sets. Also, his interior design, fashion illustration and eye for the most lavish, yet tasteful, detail was absolutely phenomenal. Oh, the flower studies, too! I can’t wait to read more about his life and the circles who were clamoring for his deft hands when this gorgeous book comes out in September! More HERE.











Bernard Boutet de Monvel paintings above: 1. Sylvie in bed with her dog. 2. Diane and Actaeon, 1935. 3. Mrs. Warren Pershing (Muriel Bache Richards), 1938. 4. Mrs. Gilbert Kahn (Sara Jane Heliker) and the bouquet, 1938. 5. The Maharajah of Indore, 1929. 6. Delfina playing guitar, 1936. 7. Sylvie, age 19 in 1941. 8. Delfina with baby Sylvie in her cradle, 1922. 9. Self-portrait at the Ritz, 1932. 10. Flower studies.

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