Bow & Arrow


There are some wonderful things in Anna Toth’s Bow & Arrow Apparel shop right now! Bow & Arrow creates each item by hand in their Asheville, NC studio. My new favorites are the super chic Denim Machinists Jumpsuit, the Denim Tunic Dress with pockets, the Ikat Jumpsuit, and I still love Anna’s Black High-waisted Jeans. More HERE.


♥ I love these sweet nature prints and cards!

♥ This local lady does an amazing job styling and finding perfect vintage pieces.

♥ I will forever love all of these wonderful hats made by Brookes.

♥ I will also forever love EVERY SINGLE COLLECTION from this lady.

♥ So dreamy! Wonderfully dazzling handmade dishes and cones for your jewels.

♥ Loving Geneine’s clever Egyptian-inspired collection.

♥ Pretty blooms, real talk, and LOTS of lovely links.

♥ Wine tote. Swan cups. Stash box. Cheese knives. Some Mother’s Day picks!

♥ Pom pom baskets, pom pom slippers, and more of the most wonderful things!

♥ A bunch of my spring faves all rounded up with codes.

♥ Oh, how I love this collection that feels like telling ghost stories around a campfire.

♥ Fleurs, cute shoes, iced coffee recipes, and LOTS of very lovely things.

♥ Some of my tulip and narcissus bouquets from my garden.

♥ I’m so cuckoo for this stunning new collection!

♥ This monthly PDX Pop Up always features SO MANY great local shops and designers.

♥ Lots of fun things happening in Portland! Read my list!


♥ Get $25 off at Tradlands with code: HELLOSPRING now thru 5/2/16. FREE U.S. SHIPPING!

♥ Get 20% off at Tilde with code: MOMLOVE thru 5/2/16. FREE U.S. shipping on orders $100+!

♥ Get 20% off at Porch Light with code WELCOMESPRING now thru 5/5.

♥ Get 15% off at Bridge & Burn with code: HONEY15 now thru 5/7/16.

♥ Get 15% off at Betsy & Iya with code: HKSPRINGYAY now thru 5/7/16.

♥ Get 25% off orders of $100+ at Zady with code: knowyoursource.




Images courtesy of Bow & Arrow Apparel.

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