Debbie Carlos

I’m planning out some paint, wallpaper and large prints in a couple different rooms at home and I found myself back in the amazing Debbie Carlos print shop. I own the deliriously dreamy Pink Clouds Print (you can see the Pink Clouds in my bedroom) and the huge Clouds Poster. Debbie’s prints are on beautifully thick, heavyweight luster photo paper and I think it makes them a bit more special as well as more sturdy. The posters are on nice paper as well and I think they are especially good for creating a fun, large impact in a room at lower price point so you can switch it up. The smile-inducing new Debbie Carlos lookbook below was shot by Ola Onda — so great! I currently have my eye on the Fog Print, the big black and white Roses Poster, the color Flowers Poster, and the Lake Print. I love that Debbie is offering clips and wooden poster hanging kits now — super handy. More HERE.







Images courtesy of Debbie Carlos. Lookbook by Ola Onda.

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