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As soon as you walk into this gorgeous space and take in the mesmerizing, lush array of colorful blooms and verdant house plants, it’s immediately apparent why Portland’s beloved Solabee Flowers & Botanicals have been named one of the top florists in the nation by Martha Stewart, as well as winning many local awards in the same category.




Having made the move to North Killingsworth from SE Portland earlier this year, Solabee has settled into their conservatory-style space quite nicely. With windows galore, a worn but very beautiful mosaic tile floor, and a romantic mezzanine that houses even more plants, their space in the historic Baker Ballroom building is the perfect backdrop for all the sweet plants. As a nearby resident, I couldn’t be happier to have Solabee so close to home.





Shop owner Alea Joy has made it her mission to stock the shop with locally grown flowers and plants first, which means Solabee’s available greenery revolves around what is in season ensuring an always fresh selection. Whether you’re in need of flowers for a big event like a wedding, looking for a new plant pal for your home, or need a great gift for a fellow plant lover, Solabee is wonderful for both service and stunning options. Plus, they offer local delivery and work with local restaurants, shops, and offices to keep their spaces looking happy.




Also on hand are lovely crystals, unique tools including clippers, pruning saws, and even hori hori knives. There are dreamy planters and assorted pottery, and lovely macrame to really help your plants shine. The beauty and chill vibes that permeate the space are so enticing, even when I don’t have room for a new plant or a need for fresh flowers, I like to stop in regularly just to feast my eyes and take home a new crystal or two.

Solabee is located in Portland at 801 N. Killingsworth St. and is open Monday through Friday from 11AM to 6PM and Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 7PM. You can also shop online anytime. Be sure to follow @solabeeflowers on Instagram and like Solabee on Facebook to treat your feed with their beautiful arrangements and stay up to date on shop news.




Shop Visit is a Honey Kennedy series about shops and studios found in Portland and beyond. This post is by Honey Kennedy contributor Allison Burt-Tilden. Stop by her lovely blog Votre Grande Soeur

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