Project Object: The Girls + HER


A project offering objects to help support issues we object to. Focusing on supporting WOMEN, LGBTQ, ARTISTS, AND DESIGNERS who share the same love for all!

I love this wonderful and timely launch of jewels from Portland’s Project Object — a new project by Upper Metal Class and local designer T Ngu. T is clever, talented, and has such an amazing heart. So far her project includes 3 pieces in several finishes that benefit one of my favorite local charities supporting women in immediate need. These beautiful designs make awesome tokens of love and solidarity for the women in our lives during these difficult days now and the many we have ahead. First there is THE GIRLS RINGS (also available as THE GIRLS NECKLACE/RING) for us to wear in support of our feminist goals. Then there are T’s HER RINGS that honor Hillary and an uplifting reminder that we’ve got each other’s backs.

5% of the sales from Project Object objects goes towards this non-profit women’s organization that places women and anyone experiencing — or at risk of — domestic violence with services that provides them with safety (for them and their children), education, empowerment, healing, and hope from the good people of Bradley Angle.

Another 5% of these sales will go to fund Project Object to create care packages of feminine hygiene products to donate to local shelters for women in need. If you’d like to show your support in even more ways — ♥ Project Object is now accepting boxes of tampons, pads, unused/new bras and underwear. Please email them:


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