Shop Visit: Shipwreck


A much anticipated addition to the historic Baker Ballroom building on North Killingsworth, Shipwreck is neighbor to lovely plant and floral shop Solabee. A former Oregonian, owner Marcy Bruce had a pop-up dress shop on SE Division before moving to Eureka, California and opening the first iteration of Shipwreck in 2007. We’re so happy that’s she has returned to our fair city!




Now back in Portland, Shipwreck’s new space is quite large and houses a bevy of new and vintage home goods, stationery, ephemera, apparel, and accessories. Shipwreck also carries — and serves as HQ — for local apothecary line Moon Nectar, whose studio happens to be nestled into the shop’s mezzanine level. So you know that dreamy items like their Vision Oil, Waves Sea Salt Hair Spray, serums, cleansers, masks, and everything else is always stocked.





While some shops specialize in certain decades of vintage, Shipwreck has them all covered. During my visit, Marcy cheerfully chatted with two customers visiting from Vancouver, BC by way of Australia as they delighted in Shipwreck’s extensive collection of vintage clothing. They tried on a 1940s sailor-style jump suit and 1950s cheerleaders outfits while oohing and ahhing over the shop’s large offering of MIA clogs. Items from the seventies and eighties also caught my eye among the day-glo floral patterns and slinky sequined numbers from the 1960s.




Other standouts at Shipwreck include piles of beautiful Turkish towels and throws, Punctuation Ceramics, jewelry from Portland’s Amaree & Reese, vintage housewares galore, rotating displays of art, and adorable shop dog, Coco. Shipwreck has definitely made my list of regular must-stop-into shops, especially since Marcy has divulged plans to begin production on her own clothing line soon. Whether you’re looking for something as specific as a 1950s cocktail dress, sweet new and vintage home goods, unique gifts, or are pining for a fun treasure — Shipwreck is a wonderful place to go.

Shipwreck is located in Portland at 805 N. Killingsworth St. and is open Sunday through Monday from 12PM to 5PM and Tuesday through Saturday from 11AM to 7PM. Follow @shipwreckportland on Instagram to keep up on new arrivals, art openings, and Coco’s antics.




Shop Visit is a Honey Kennedy series about shops and studios found in Portland and beyond. This post is by Honey Kennedy contributor Allison Burt-Tilden. Stop by her lovely blog Votre Grande Soeur

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