Gift Guide: For Your Best Girls


1. the present is female print // 2. glass crescent moon // 3. lavender linen sachets // 4. malachite and brass earrings // 5. very popular volumizing lip + cheek tint // 6. very naughty volumizing lip + cheek tint // 7. aromatic stress treatment // 8. la redouté porcelain candle // 9. resurrection hand balm // 10. cedar & rose roll-on fragrance // 11. frankincense + myrrh burning papers (like incense) // 12. rose burning papers // 13. white ceramic burner // 14. small mason pearson brush // 15. villa médicis incense // 16. english rose plants

To me, the best gifts to give someone are interesting little things to delight the senses or the things they just won’t splurge on for themselves — even if it’s just a small token. I’m also loving the idea of gifting things that encourage self-care for women right now and finding things that promote a sense of calm and a retreat. These beauties above are wonderfully special things that I have gifted to others, gifted to myself, or have been gifted by others. So, I thought this would be a good time to do a little gal pal gift guide. Everything here is from $6.50 to $105 — I wanted to make sure my roundup had a wide range of price points.

It’s also always fun to give everyone in your girl gang the same thing or variations on the same thing — something special you can all share enthusiasm for while lifting each other up. For instance, these addictive lip and cheek tints (they feel so nice) come in 6 different colors from barely pink to cherry red, so there will probably be at least one shade for each friend. These magically effective aromatic potions include the mighty Stress Treatment I mentioned above, as well as a Bedtime Treatment for friends having a hard time sleeping, an Energy Treatment for feeling more alert and in the moment, an Irritability Treatment to cool yer jets and get centered, and the Love Potion for finding your confidence and really feeling yourself. There’s also a set of three treatments. Basically, important self-care that most of us need help with from time to time and, lately, more often than not!

More items above have a variety of options, like the stunning malachite and brass earrings are also available in opal, lapis, howlite, and turquoise in sterling or brass. Those dreamy OLO Fragrances I love so much come in 16 scents. That sweet hanging glass crescent moon comes in lots of hues. The Armenian burning papers, and ceramic burners for them, come in a variety of scents and styles. Those amazing sticks of French incense come in lots of good scents. I included the least costly one, but that magnificent hairbrush (I’ve had my “Junior” brush for over a decade!) comes in a bunch of sizes. The Present Is Female poster comes in a number of different sizes and Samantha makes a lot of other inspiring prints. And, of course, there are dozens of different English rose plants to choose from (check my instagram for rose obsessing) and you can choose when you want them to ship to your girls (late Feb through April is usually best!). HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ♥

4 Responses to “Gift Guide: For Your Best Girls”
  1. Tamera Ferro says:

    I gave you the Stress Treatment for Xmas so so many years ago! It’s the best. Have you tried them in a diffuser? Like the ones that steam? It’s so good.

  2. Jillian says:

    What a lovely post! So many good ideas.