Tata Harper Skincare Giveaway!

YAY! Today we are so happy to celebrate the season with a Tata Harper Skincare giveaway! One lucky person will win a $300 shop credit to spend on whatever they’d like in Tata’s dreamy shop. My skin has changed so much in the past few years and it has been hard to find things that work. EVERYTHING I have used from Tata Harper feels wonderful, works, and has never irritated my dry, sensitive skin or my mild rosacea issues. These 100% natural, non-toxic potions are an investment in self-care for me that help with my self-esteem and overall sense of well-being. Some of my current standbys are the Very Naughty Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint, the Resurfacing Mask (the honey-infused version smells AMAZING!), the Moisturizing Mask (helps SO MUCH in our very dry house), the Concentrated Brightening Essence (using 2x a day — LOVE), the Boosted Contouring Eye Mask, the Be True Sheer Lip Treatment, the Be Adored Rosy Lip Treatment, and ALL the Aromatherapy Treatments. More HERE. GOOD LUCK, FRIENDS! ♥

P.S. Get FREE OVERNIGHT U.S. SHIPPING now thru 11AM EST on 12/22 for purchases over $40 at Tata Harper — HERE.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Jenny Vorwaller! She won this amazing prize!

1. Visit Tata Harper Skincare and tell us which potions you want most in a comment below.
2. For an extra entry, follow both @TataHarper and @HoneyKennedy on Instagram. Then leave a comment below. If you already follow both of us — just let me know that, too!











A SWEET DEAL: Get FREE OVERNIGHT U.S. SHIPPING now thru 11AM EST on 12/22 for purchases over $40 at Tata Harper — HERE.

SHIPPING, ETC: The winner’s shipping will be covered by Tata Harper. International entries are welcome, but the winner may be responsible for international duties and taxes.

DRAWING: This giveaway ends Wednesday, December 21 at 11PM PST. The winner will be chosen at random and will get shop credit to spend on whatever in-stock items they’d like. I’ll email the winner and update this post with their name within a few days!




301 Responses to “Tata Harper Skincare Giveaway!”
  1. laura romer says:

    I would love the purifying cleanser and the eye mask!! This is so nice of you my instagram is @lauraromer and i have followed both of you!! much love

  2. claudia romer says:

    i would love to try the boosted contour eye mask and the rejuvenating serum!! lovely giveaway thanks for the opportunity. my instagram is skin_hobby and i already follow both of you guys!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been dying to try Tata Harpers products. Her eye cream, her replenishing nutrient complex, and her aromatherapy essences. I follow you both @smrousso

  4. Anna Barinova says:

    I would love to try Tata’s concentrated brightening serum!
    I have discovered Tata’s line with her Repairative moisturizer and I have become a huge fan! Can’t even imagine ever using anything else!
    My favorite product has become the illuminating moisturizer, it gives such a beautiful glow!

  5. Samantha says:

    I recently started to purchase Tata Harper products an item at a time, and I am fascinated with her products. I love that they are mostly organic and all natural. I also love that the fact that her products are manufactured in Vermont- as I was married in Vermont not far from her farm and Vermont holds a special place in my heart. I would love to try the Aromatic Irritability Treatment,Aromatic Stress Treatment, Concentrated Brightening Serum and the Restorative Eye Crème. I follow both on Instagram and I appreciate this opportunity.

  6. Alexis says:

    I’ve tried a sample of the resurfacing mask and loved it! It’d be great to have a full size. I’ve also heard great things about the luminizer and cheek tints!

    Following you both already on Instagram :)

  7. Emily says:

    These look wonderful, especially the aromatic irritability treatment!

  8. Kristie carter says:

    Would love to try the purifying mask. Such a beautiful line! Looking forward to the drawing and happy holidays!

  9. Elisabeth says:

    Everything looks so tempting, but right now I’d really love to try the rejuvenating serum or restorative eye creme.

  10. Elisabeth says:

    Commenting to say that I follow you both in IG

  11. clara says:

    would love honey blossom mask

  12. clara says:

    following both on instagram

  13. Emma says:

    I already use the resurfacing mask religiously and would love to try the lip and eye treatments! Especially the eye mask! (Ps. I already follow you both on Instagram)

  14. Natalie says:

    Eeee! I love this giveaway! Lotions and potions are my favorite, especially natural and non-toxic. I recently relocated to the southwest and on a quest for my skin regimen in this dry, sunny location.
    I’d love to try the Beautifying Face Oil, the Rejuvenating Serum and Love Potion- sounds amazing!
    Following both accts on IG!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  15. Ooo aromatherapy treatment! :)

  16. Laura says:

    I’d love to try many of Tatas products, but especially Elixir Vitae and the rejuvenating eye serum. ❤️ Oh, and I follow both of y’all on Instagram. (I’m @idlebutterfly there.)

  17. I LOVE everything I have ever ordered from Tata Harper, especially the very sweet lip balm and the purifying mask. I want to try the body scrub and the Revitalizing Body Oil next! Glad to be following both of you!

  18. Dawn says:

    Alllllll the aromatic treatments & resurfacing treatment 💕 Thank you for the chance!!!
    I follow you both on IG

  19. Erin says:

    Love Tata Harper products. I would love to get my hands on the concentrated brightening serum and the resurfacing mask! I already follow you and Tata on Instagram. Thanks!

  20. kati dimoff says:

    the serum! following both of you :)