Linen Jammies

With the onset of spring, I’m thinking a lot about the warmer days ahead and those hot summer nights. I’d love to get a pretty linen robe this year, a linen nightgown, and a set or two of breezy linen pajamas. I am absolutely loving these dreamy options from the Linenbee shop. It’s nice that they have sizes ranging from XS to XXXL and the prices are fantastic for handmade linen pieces made to order. My favorites are the Creamy Peach Soft Linen Robe (also in black and natural taupe), the Linen Slip Nightgown (in every color!), the Short Linen Pajama Set (creamy peach and grey, please!), the Striped Short Linen Pajama Set, the romantic White Linen Victorian Nightgown, and the Belted Linen Caftan (in stripes and black). Plus, I’d love a few of the linen blankets and pillow covers! More HERE.






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