HAPPY WEEKEND! I hope you all have fun things to do and sunny days to do them in. I seem to be getting a cold, but have too much to do this weekend to succumb to this nonsense. The plan is to power through (I will be victorious!) — so, we’ll see how that goes, I guess. If you could think some happy, healthy thoughts for my sweet niece Madeline — I’d really appreciate it. She lives in Minneapolis and is having a lot of dire health complications (heart and lungs). It’s hard to not be there right now and she needs all the good energy she can get. Thank you! xoxo Jen


♥ One of every single thing, please. SERIOUSLY.

♥ Especially this. And this. And this.

♥ SO CUTE. Love this linen jumpsuit.

♥ This dreamy cotton gingham dress would be perfect for summer parties.

♥ I love this simple white cotton eyelet dress — just add a picnic. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ Very into this versatile silk black on black dress. Such a good deal!

♥ So cuckoo for this pretty blush top and skirt. The terra-cotta and black, too!

♥ It’s ballet pink, super versatile, and has… crotch snaps. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ That bodysuit above would be really cute with this lovely linen gingham skirt.

♥ Well, these jeans have a lot happening, but I like them. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ I think these pants look perfect in every color, but love the green. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ WHAT THE WHAT? This cardigan-sleeveless coat-top thing is incredible.

♥ Oh, hello. These little checkered shoes are very sweet.

♥ I love that these ribbed cloggy beauties are “shrimp-colored”.

♥ I’m sure these beautiful handmade sandals make that woven leather sound that I like.

♥ Not usually my color, but I’m loving these vibrant suede ballet flats. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ Woah. This silver metallic swimsuit is très sexy. #cheeks

♥ Aaannnnd… monstera plant and cocktail bikini tops and bikini bottoms.

♥ Bronzed Clay and Rustic Coffee, please. Pretty matte swimsuits. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ These big metallic pink earrings are cheap and fun.

♥ This amazing face serum feels like a really good meal. (15% off: CELEBRATEMOM)

♥ My eyes look more awake lately because of DIAMONDS. (15% off: CELEBRATEMOM)


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PHOTO: John Rawlings, 1953.

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