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It’s May, so that means we’re counting down the days until our Helsing Junction Farms organic farm share starts. The start of our farm share feels like the start of summer and a clean slate for healthy eating. 20 weeks of joy that always starts with sweet strawberries, cherries, pretty pink radishes, turnips, bok choy, and tender lettuces and ends with delicious winter squash, pears, beets, and more yummy greens. It’s such a dream! All our beautiful, organic produce for 4 and a half months comes from Annie and Sue’s amazing 42 acre farm. They are two inspiring, hardworking ladies who have been at it for over 25 years and employ a lot of women in their team. It always feels great to support women in agriculture and, for me, it feels especially so during the current political climate.

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We are a household of 2 people who like to eat out at least a couple times a week, so we could probably be very happy with the Mini Share from Helsing Junction Farms. However, we also love to eat piles of veggies, cook big batches of meals to freeze, and I am known around our house of being very enthusiastic and greedy about fruit, so we get the Medium Share and the Fruit Share. The Medium Share is substantial for 2 people and is meant for 2 to 3 people. This year, we are adding the fantastic Flower Share back into our week, and we are giving the Canning Share and the Storage Share a whirl on top. I’m really interested in doing some big batches of pickled veggies and this three part Canning Share even includes the pickling dill and garlic, recipes, and instructions! So nice. The Storage Share is exciting because it comes near the end of the farm share season in week #17 and it will be nice to have a bunch of root veggies, squash, and apples leading into darker fall days and that time before the holidays start to ramp up. READ ABOUT SHARES.

Last year we made a lot of delicious things with our farm shares — we had the Medium Share, the Fruit Share, and the Handcrafted Cheese Share. Aside from making simple yummy daily meals, there were some standouts: the roasted cherry rose ice cream, the roasted lavender peach ice cream, a few watermelon cucumber basil feta salads, the huge green bean radicchio herb and feta salads, many snacks of perfect radishes and french butter, ricotta toast with berries or sugar snap peas, whole roasted fava beans, grilled halloumi with berries and herbs, slicing open a bright yellow melon to find sweet blush pink fruit inside, easy and impressive cast iron pan frittatas, veggie pizzas on the grill, roasted maple delicata squash rings, apple and pear crisps, grilled lavender jack cheese sandwiches, pureed cauliflower pear soup, and pear cardamom muffins to name a few.

SHARE OPTIONS: MINI SHARE (1-2 people) • MEDIUM SHARE (2-3 people) • LARGE SHARE (3-4 people) • HEALING SHARE (2-3 people, no nightshades) • CHEF SHARE (for restaurants) • PALEO SHARE (low-glycemic index) • JUICE SHARE (for juicers!) • FLOWER SHARE (so beautiful!) • BULK SHARE (strawbs, basil, potatoes) • STORAGE SHARE (winter squash, root veggies, potatoes, apples) • CANNING SHARE (green beans, beets, cukes, dill, garlic) • FRUIT SHARE (magic) • SAUERKRAUT SHARE (raw w/probiotics) • YOGURT SHARE (from happy cows) • HANDCRAFTED CHEESE SHARE (sheep, goat, cow) • MORE INFO

If you have been wanting to sign up for a farm share, I really encourage you to do it. This is the best farm farm we’ve ever supported because of the options, the care to detail, the quality, the communication, the people, and the variety in every box. It takes a combination of meal planning and spontaneity to find your rhythm, but it’s fun and inspires you to look at more recipes (the massive Helsing Junction Farms recipe database will be up on the new site soon!!) and to get creative while eating fresh, organic, healthy food. I definitely feel healthier, have more energy, and lose a few pounds that I need to shed, but feel like I’m eating yummy stuff ALL DAY LONG. We’ve had farms in the past that gave us unrealistic quantities of things we liked, but could never finish before they were gone. We eat everything in our farm share from HJF and always have the option of putting our share on hold up to twice a year if we know we are going to be out of town or too busy to get through our box (you get a double share at a later date of your choice). There are also opportunities throughout the summer and fall to purchase bulk shares of fruits (jam!) and veggies, and delicious extras from Sue and Annie’s farm buddies. SEE SHARE OPTIONS + SIGN UP. Don’t forget to use the $20 off code (HONEY17)!

Feel free to ask me any questions! I recommend following the ladies at @helsingfarmcsa on Instagram and HelsingFarmCSA on Facebook. It’s really nice to see their planting progress, farm fun, upcoming music events, and yummy harvests. Also, once you sign up for a share, you get newsletter updates regularly and emails letting you know what will be in your box that week.












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