Pretty Patio

Since we spend so much time out there in the summer — I’ve been thinking a lot about investing in making our patio more comfy and cute. I recently noticed that there’s a lot of lovely outdoor furniture at CB2! Since most of it is on sale right now, I thought it would be a good time to post what’s catching my eye. I love the nod to decades past and my favorites are the gala gold lounge chair, the maya wood outdoor chair, the la rêve day beds and sectionals, the caprice outdoor chaise lounge, the pod hanging chair, the smoke grey and brass dining table, the midas gold dining chairs, the sophia black dining chairs, the brass bistro table, the acapulco black egg chair, the brava dining lounge chair, the lucinda mint stacking chair, the wire terracotta planters, the isla white planters, and the ixtapa loveseat. That blue swirling tile is so good! More HERE.

















2 Responses to “Pretty Patio”
  1. JLT says:

    I loved this collection too. Unfortunately, this is not really an “outdoor” collection. Underneath the gold/brass paint the sofa and chairs are made of iron, which means they will rust. The sales associate I talked to at CB2 told me that they recommend that you use these items on a covered and not open patio.

    This has been consistent with all of my CB2 experiences — pretty on the outside, but definitely not made of quality materials that will last. Sure it’s cheap, but you’ll have a rusty sofa to replace in only a few years.

    • Jen McCabe says:

      Thank you! That’s good information. Our patio is slightly covered, but only because there is a grape covered arbor in the summer. They do have some patio furniture covers — i wonder if that would do the trick? I have seen a lot of local restaurants with some CB2 outdoor chairs on their uncovered patios. Quite a few places seem to have those cute minty chairs I mentioned. Thanks so much for the heads up, JLT!