Happy Friday, friends! I am coming to you from St. Paul, Minnesota. We’re back visiting family again, but this time it’s for fun stuff like birthdays, tacos, and tequila. We even get a few visits with our friends here this time around. So far, I am resisting my urge to go vintage shopping and estate sale sailing because I tend to have good luck here and know we’d suddenly need to rent a truck to drive everything back to Portland. We’ll see if I stay strong! It’s tempting though, right?? Have the most wonderful weekend! xo Jen


♥ I’ve been wearing this fragrance a lot lately.

♥ It’s pretty heady, but I do love this scent.

♥ I give a lot of credit to this great tool for helping my skin behave. (33% off)

♥ I’d love to get this newer design because it would take up less space. (33% off)

♥ I love these sleek suede booties. So cute over matching tights in the fall! (40% off)

♥ I love these stacked pumps in every color! Especially black, cherie, and brocade. (35% off)

♥ I’m thinking of ordering this linen top in dusty pink and maybe wood brown and dark blue.

♥ Aaaaannnnd…. maybe this wonderful linen skirt in a few colors!

♥ These film noir skinny jeans look really good.

♥ I love that this perfect linen dress has nice big pockets.

♥ I think this dress in blush or black would be handy — you can throw in a suitcase.

♥ I just love this blue buffalo check cotton dress. (30% off)

♥ I would like one of these lacey bras to wear with v-necks. (35% off)

♥ I didn’t even know these handy things existed. I need a few. (35% off)

♥ I love this apron so much — I think it would be perfect for gardening with those pockets!

♥ This is a sweet little red lip kit.

♥ I also love this pretty lip set in both colors. She makes nice hues!

♥ ADORABLE. A marble and rose gold manicure kit.

♥ I love this cute glass water bottle set.


♥ It’s happening. One of the BIGGEST SALES OF THE YEAR!

♥ Get up to 50% off on all these beautiful shoes — so bananas!

♥ Get up to 70% off on a zillion cute swimsuits — all kinds of styles.

♥ Get 30% off the McLeod Wrap Ring from Rebecca Mir Grady with: JULYRING thru 7/31.


FARM SHARE TIME: Get $20 off your Helsing Junction Farms share order with code: HONEY17 and SUPPORT WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE! It’s such a ridiculously amazing farm share experience now through early fall. So many delicious options and wonderful people! We have the medium share, the fruit share, the flower share, and we take advantage of sweet offers throughout the summer. They even offer a home delivery option from Portland to Seattle. Love these ladies! MORE INFO.

♥ 100% of profits from these amazing totes go to the girls who survived the PDX Max attack.


PHOTOS: 1. Grace Kelly in Montego Bay in 1955 by Howell Conant. 2. Vogue, 1954 by Roger Prigent.

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