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With their shop refresh and rebranding as simply OLO (formerly Milk Milk Lemonade), I thought it was a good time to pop by for a new Shop Visit with Heather and Jonathan Sielaff. They also have a bunch of wonderful new creations for your skin and your home, like OLO diffuser oils, more incense, new soaps, and a magical new house line of fragrances called “Siela”. Not to mention lovely home goods, jewelry, and artwork. You can always shop for OLO fragrances online, but if you are in Portland, make sure to come by the shop at 1407 SE Belmont St. for an expanded offering of OLO goods and goods by other great designers.

Stop by the France May Houseline Launch Party this Thursday, 10/26 from 7PM to 10PM and try the new FM fragrance “Overnight” created by Siela! MORE INFO.



Walking up to the shop, you’ll see the fun new nose-shaped neon in the window and the OLO logo painted perfectly on the door. I love that it feels a little like an old school psychic or tarot reader’s storefront. It’s fitting because of the olfactory curiosities and the promise of a sensory experience just through the door.

It always makes me happy to see the fragrance island in the center of the shop. Besides it being visually stunning with a dramatic and romantic floral arrangement in the center, I just love to sniff. Even though I’ve made laps around it to revisit Heather’s scents a million times, I can never resist sniffing several each time I stop by. My forever favorites are Cedar & Rose, Dark Wave, Valens, Lightning Paw, Palo Santo, and Dafne. My husband’s OLO favorites are Wyeth, Forêt, and Erastus. He also loves the Black Lodge house fragrance that Heather created for local shop Bridge & Burn. If you can’t go to the shop to get your nose on these in person, you can always order samples to try the ones that pique your interest.



The gorgeous new three panel artwork by John Gnorski really draws you in visually once you’re inside. It’s framed beautifully by lush plant life, a chill sitting area, and the shop’s amazing custom wood and glass jewelry display case.




Oh, my. The selection of jewelry is tightly curated and each piece is really special in both form and function because they’re all works that you want to wear daily.



Soon you’ll be able to shop the new Siela line online, but for now it is only available at Portland’s OLO storefront. The new house line is a series of limited edition hand blended, unisex fragrances that are made with the finest ingredients, and an organic perfumer’s alcohol from Italy. Delphi: Laurel, bergamot, precious woods, spices, and salt water. Yasameen: Blood orange, elem., jasmine absolute, sandalwood, and white musk. Tizita: Frankincense, citrus, patchouli, cedar, and mountain air.



Four of my newest obsessions at the OLO shop aren’t listed online yet, but if you email the shop to inquire about their current availability, you can order them.

OLO Cardamom Candle: I’m frequently the addict hanging out around the shop just waiting for a cardamom fix. In Heather’s words, “YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.’ Yes. Yes, I do. The freaking problem is that I don’t have a closet full of cases of OLO Cardamom Candles.

Tizita by SIELA: This new Siela house line fragrance is romantic af. It’s one of those scents that makes you crush on yourself when you catch a whiff on your skin or sweater. Main notes: frankincense, citrus, patchouli, cedar, mountain air.

OLO Tusk Diffuser Oil: I have this going right now as I’m writing this post. If you’ve been to the washroom at Portland restaurant Tusk, you’ve smelled this beautiful scent while washing your hands with the OLO Tusk Liquid Soap (also available for sale at the OLO shop). There are notes of Mediterranean citruses, lavender, precious resins, and woods — and now it’s available as an oil to enjoy from your aromatherapy diffuser. You might already have your own diffuser, but you can also pick one up at OLO.

Palo Santo Soap: This natural, super moisturizing soap leaves your skin soft and clean with just a hint of fragrance. The OLO Palo Santo fragrance is a beautiful blend of palo santo, siam wood, and white champa flower.





OLO is located at 1407 SE Belmont St. here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. The shop is usually open Thursday through Saturday from 11AM to 6PM and Sundays from 11AM to 4PM. Check @OLOfragrance on instagram for weekly updated hours, fun events, and product updates.







Shop Visit is a Honey Kennedy series about shops and studios found in Portland and beyond. Photos and words by Jen McCabe.

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