Wolcott Takemoto

The ladies from Wolcott Takemoto, Joy Wolcott and Natasha Takemoto, have created such a beautiful collection for spring! Some notable aspects from the collection that I’m really into: linen, silk, combed cotton, big gingham, chartreuse charmeuse, skirts and dresses with pockets, culottes, and cropped sailor pants. Also, there are so many pieces that would be good for when it gets really hot out. I think my favorite pieces are the linen Joni Tank, the Black Gingham Trumpet Pant, the Black Cotton Trumpet Pant, the Pink Joni Dress (and the Mesquite Linen one!), the Penny Vashon Dress, the silk Diane Blouse, the silky Lime Kepu Dress, the Jane Skirt Pant, the Black Linen Knavish Culotte, the Carol Jumpsuit, the Black Shibata Jumpsuit, and all the Shadow Skirts. More HERE.

♥ Portland friends! Find Wolcott Takemoto at Shop Boswell — at 729 SE Morrison St. ♥

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