Marion Graux Poteri

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my little ceramics addiction and can understand why Marion Graux’s pottery creations aren’t going to stop haunting my mind anytime soon. My gift to myself over the holidays was to add to my small, but beguiling, handmade ceramic cups collection. I seem to have a “type” — ballerina watercolor hues worn by a useful vessel. Marion’s work is my type — I’m so enamored with her simple, imperfect, charming plates, cups, and bowls. I’m particularly gaga for that painter’s palette of sweet little plates. I will just be here daydreaming about traveling to Marion’s magnificent studio in the French countryside and packing up a few of her pieces to take back home. I couldn’t agree more when Marion says, “I take a lot of pleasure and care in small everyday things.” Moi aussi! More HERE and HERE.

Images courtesy of Marion Graux + studio photos from The Garnered.

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