Happy Friday! I feel crazy because this weekend is the last we have to get our house ready for a steady stream of visitors starting this Monday and running through until late July. Also, this is the last weekend before temps in Portland skyrocket to almost 100 next week. WHAT!? So much to do. Aaaaand next Friday is my birthday and I still don’t have anything special planned. It’s crazy how we push those things to the side more and more as we get older. I’d like to change that proclivity — even just a little bit. I hope you’re planning fun for yourself this weekend and the weeks ahead! xo Jen


Everyday happiness reminders.

YAY! One of my very favorite lipsticks (Box) is available in the US again!

I’d like to try this color and this pretty gloss as well.

This little black sundress is so lovely!

I really love this black linen dress and now it’s on sale! (30% off code GOSHOPPING)

The white linen version is pretty too. (30% off code GOSHOPPING)

This cute grid pattern dress is so simple and breezy for hot days.

Another breezy sundress. Striped. With pockets!

This sweet geometric dress is simple, but interesting. (30% off code GOSHOPPING)

I love this simple linen top in each color. (20% to 40% off)

I need this linen top and this silk dress.

I’d like to try these cute cropped skinny jeans. (40% off)

This tie-waist wrap shirt is such a good closet addition.

I love this classic saddlebag!

A very sweet pair of sandals. Love the color! (30% off)

I love these blush pink espadrilles! Black, white & striped too! (33% off)

I really want this sofa and this chair for our garden. We need something comfy and classic!

I love these beautiful marble boards for in the kitchen and for serving.

These ice pop molds seem like a very good idea for summer treats.

YUM. I want a roasted strawberry milkshake and a jumping monkey shake.

The cutest new creature in town.

I could definitely live here. Total magic!!! #fairytalevibes


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PHOTOS: 1. Capri, 1954 (this is the date I found for the image, but it really looks earlier to me). 2. Loretta Young by Irving Lippman, 1930s.



Happy Friday! I hope you have some nice things planned. If you follow me on instagram, you know that I’ve become a crazy rose-obsessed lady who is always wandering around her garden (Sorry for so many garden pics — it’s my happy place right now!) and I plan to do more of that puttering this weekend with some garden herb-infused limeade in hand. I’m also thinking about bringing out the ice cream maker and making some herb-infused ice cream. Any favorite ice cream recipes are much appreciated! Have a fun weekend! xo Jen


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A little summer highlighter on the cheekbones to make you glow.

A super lovely summer hat. Great while picking blueberries! (20% off code GET20 thru 6/13)

I’d love a bottle of this perfume for my bday this year. Smells AMAZING.

I have these rose gold headphones and LOVE them. (20% off code GET20 thru 6/13)

I love this striped dress – fitted, but just a little slouchy. (25% off code DRESSDAYS)

A pretty summer dress that is easy to throw on. Lovely details! (25% off code DRESSDAYS)

A perfect black silk summer slip dress.

I love this summer dress in the grey motif. (25% off code DRESSDAYS)

I’m not always a ruffle person, but this dress is sweet! (25% off code DRESSDAYS)

A beautiful and easy silk dress. Love the sleeves! (25% off code DRESSDAYS)

A pretty white cotton dress for balmy summer trips. (25% off code DRESSDAYS)

A linen cosmos set that works as scarves and a sarong!

A striped hooded poncho that is a great beach coverup! (30% OFF code SUMMER thru 6/15)

I love these classic peachy sneakers.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these beautiful peeptoe clogs.

A super versatile summer sandal in nude or silver.

I still heart these simple black slides.

I want these ballet flats really bad. (20% off code GET20 thru 6/13)

Oh, wow – this bag is absolutely perfect. (20% off code GET20 thru 6/13)

I love this classic duffel for weekend getaways. (25% off code knowyoursource)

Still so good! Awesome tanline girl planter pots. (20% off code GET20 thru 6/13)

I’ve never seen a portable speaker this beautiful before! (20% off code GET20 thru 6/13)

Not that I watch this dumb TV show. OK, maaaaybe I do.


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PHOTOS: Tania Mallet photographed in the south of France by Vernier for Vogue, July 1960.



HAPPY FRIDAY! We’re going to be experiencing a heatwave this weekend here in Portland, so our main plan is trying to stay cool and creating an elaborate system of fans since we have no air conditioning in our house. Our BLACK house. I anticipate a lot of time sipping cold brew and spritzers in the backyard while finally getting a chance to catch up on some magazines. Stay cool out there wherever you are and have a wonderful weekend! xo Jen

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Yes. I do want some Negroni lip balm.

All the lovely DIY hairdos! Rubi’s new book looks amazing.

I stare at simple black d’Orsay flats every summer — maybe I should pull the trigger.

This cute skirt and this pineapple top, please.

This simple tassel scarf dress is lovely for the beach, summer road trips and vacations.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this cute striped summer dress. (30% off code SHOPNOW thru 6/6)

I love the black dress, but all colors are great! (30% off code SHOPNOW thru 6/6)

Adorable vintage polka dot dress — with pockets!

A beautiful black linen maxi dress — love the high slits! (30% off code SHOPNOW thru 6/6)

A perfect white cotton tunic for hot summer days. (25% off)

I love this oversized plaid top for summer. (25% off)

DIY! This beautiful, versatile shirt pattern is making me want try my hand at sewing again.

I LOVE this big straw beach tote. It could hold so much!

A colorful linen clutch for summer would be nice to have.

This hopscotch clutch is SO GOOD. I love the pattern.

I want ALL of these amazing bags — especially these ones.

I love this gold-plated brass and chrysoprase cuff! (25% off code: knowyoursource)

This hair elixir sounds wonderful!

All of these lip tints look beautiful. (25% off code: knowyoursource)

I love this jasmine toothpaste and I’d love to try their mouthwash.

I love this article — I was saying things wrong and didn’t know it.

Such a beautiful adventure!

How to grow a black garden — SO DREAMY!

Cacao cold brew this summer?? Yep, I want to try this recipe!


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PHOTOS: 1. Tania Mallet photographed by Vernier in Cannes, July 1960. 2. Joan Olsen and friends on the Island of Ischia by Regina Relang, 1953.



Happy Friday, friends! What are you up to this weekend? I’m looking forward to a lunch date today with Teresa and her wee babe, a yummy brunch with friends, a little baking, iced tea sipping, staring at my roses some more and major backyard sessions to try to get it to a relaxing lounge-y state. I’m also planting a bunch of herbs that I got at Portland Nursery — I’ve always wanted a little herb garden. Also, I’m SO EXCITED that our amazing farm share is starting back up (NW peeps — there’s a discount from our farm below!), so I’m looking through books for good, healthy summer recipes. Have a lovely weekend! xo Jen


Not all of us can be Beyoncé.

I love my new Poppy lipstick! A cheery, bright swoosh.

I’m cracking out one of my favorite summer scents this week.

A polka dot linen sundress that’s SO GOOD.

This silk blush dress is sweet for summer weddings and other parties.

A striped linen top that’s perfect for summer — and the rest of the year.

This tailored linen romper is so cute — in both colors.

Pretty in the front, sexy in the back.

This silk and linen work jacket is just so beautiful.

I don’t love a lot of sandals, but I love these sandals.

I’d love to try this new eyeliner shade.

I love this handy cosmetics bag.

This vegan leather duffle would be fantastic for weekend getaways.

I love these metallic leather clutches for hot summer nights.

I need one of these pretty hair adornments for summer hairdos.

Ummm… an opal and NATURAL DIAMOND STARDUST ring. YES, please.

This stunning bangle would look amazing alone or with other simple bracelets.

This amazing bronze cuff is so versatile — pretty for casual outfits and dressy affairs.

These sweet signet rings would make lovely gifts for loved ones!

Sweet Eye Love You earrings!

A rose gold and grey watch? Yes, please.

I love this rose gold and pink leather watch too.

I could really use a shield of love and compassion right now.

A healthy dose of courage and radiance wouldn’t hurt either!

A perfect tea set for one — nice to keep at your desk!

I LOOOVE this cream Turkish kilim pillow.

YUM! A recipe for blueberry lavender muffins.


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PHOTOS: Shot by Eugene Verier for British Vogue, July 1966.



HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you have some lovely days ahead this weekend. Today I will be having a day of shopping and eating mediocre Mexican food in the suburbs with my girls, Megan and Teresa, and I’m SO looking forward to it. This weekend is all about getting organized and set up for family coming next week and to make things extra fun — our car is in the shop. I also need to tackle the basement. For real this time. I procrastinated last week to the point of not doing anything I wanted to get done down there, so now I have to pay the piper when I really just want to putz in the garden and read. Have a wonderful time out there! I hope you get distracted by flowers and neglect your own chores in favor of relaxing! xo Jen


Getting some Poppy Paradise lip stain at the mall today!

I think this beauty might need to be my next fragrance.

This dreamy book is on the top of my list.

I LOVE THESE CLOGS! In all three colors, please.

These dotty espadrilles are cute.

Love this muted, modern coral silk eyelet summer dress.

I don’t always love maxi dresses, but I love this one.

The cutest beach cover-up jumpsuit!

A perfect summer top! I love the gentle blush and navy colors.

A great beach poncho for river hangs this summer.

I’m into this minty leather bag and the grey leather bag.

A pink pineapple summer quilt!

This fancy pasta maker looks fun! Mixes the dough? What?

I’m looking forward to making healthier spiralized noodles this weekend though.

I’ve been dealing with a narcissistic friend and family members. It’s SO HARD.

I love love love this Parker Posey interview with Marc Maron.

I love this Kickstarter to help renovate an old Oregon hotel! Beautiful.


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PHOTOS: By Regina Relang. 1. Elsa Martinelli in a dress by La Boutique in Sant’Angelo d’Ischia in 1954. 2. Joan Olsen with friends on the island of Ischia in 1953.