HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you all have a fun weekend and that my American friends get to enjoy some extra chill time with an extra day or two off. I wish we were going away somewhere beachy, but we’ll be spending time at home sipping rosé and sangria, making pizzas on the grill, planting herbs, snipping roses, listening to records, snuggling our puppy, and spending lots of times on the patio. See you back here on Tuesday! xx Jen


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FARM SHARE: Get $20 off your Helsing Junction Farms order with code: HONEY17

Saturday, May 27 from 5PM to 8PM. You’re invited! Get over to Flutter for their big 11th Birthday Party! There will be dreamy new things, a tasting with Messina Bitters with bubbly and sparkling waters, Erin Aquarian tarot readings, a jewelry trunk show with Nicole Weldon, and great tunes! Plus, they’re all stocked up with Magic Hour candles, chocolates, herbal smokes, and new and vintage dresses. Most importantly, shop kitty, King, will be lounging around greeting people. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Cristin and Sara!! Flutter is located at 3948 N Mississippi Ave. MORE INFO.

Friday, May 26 through Monday, May 29.. Stop by the West End Block Party! The fun folks at Woonwinkel, Frances May, Wildfang, Tender Loving Empire, Animal Traffic, Radish Underground, Poler, Adorn, and Hyden Yoo are offering discounts, pop-ups, drinks, food, and more fun! All the fun is happening in downtown Portland’s West End around 10th and Washington — near Ace Hotel. MORE INFO.

Portland Farm Share: Helsing Junction Farms


It’s May, so that means we’re counting down the days until our Helsing Junction Farms organic farm share starts. The start of our farm share feels like the start of summer and a clean slate for healthy eating. 20 weeks of joy that always starts with sweet strawberries, cherries, pretty pink radishes, turnips, bok choy, and tender lettuces and ends with delicious winter squash, pears, beets, and more yummy greens. It’s such a dream! All our beautiful, organic produce for 4 and a half months comes from Annie and Sue’s amazing 42 acre farm. They are two inspiring, hardworking ladies who have been at it for over 25 years and employ a lot of women in their team. It always feels great to support women in agriculture and, for me, it feels especially so during the current political climate.

A SWEET DEAL: Get $20 off your Helsing Junction Farms order with code: HONEY17



We are a household of 2 people who like to eat out at least a couple times a week, so we could probably be very happy with the Mini Share from Helsing Junction Farms. However, we also love to eat piles of veggies, cook big batches of meals to freeze, and I am known around our house of being very enthusiastic and greedy about fruit, so we get the Medium Share and the Fruit Share. The Medium Share is substantial for 2 people and is meant for 2 to 3 people. This year, we are adding the fantastic Flower Share back into our week, and we are giving the Canning Share and the Storage Share a whirl on top. I’m really interested in doing some big batches of pickled veggies and this three part Canning Share even includes the pickling dill and garlic, recipes, and instructions! So nice. The Storage Share is exciting because it comes near the end of the farm share season in week #17 and it will be nice to have a bunch of root veggies, squash, and apples leading into darker fall days and that time before the holidays start to ramp up. READ ABOUT SHARES.

Last year we made a lot of delicious things with our farm shares — we had the Medium Share, the Fruit Share, and the Handcrafted Cheese Share. Aside from making simple yummy daily meals, there were some standouts: the roasted cherry rose ice cream, the roasted lavender peach ice cream, a few watermelon cucumber basil feta salads, the huge green bean radicchio herb and feta salads, many snacks of perfect radishes and french butter, ricotta toast with berries or sugar snap peas, whole roasted fava beans, grilled halloumi with berries and herbs, slicing open a bright yellow melon to find sweet blush pink fruit inside, easy and impressive cast iron pan frittatas, veggie pizzas on the grill, roasted maple delicata squash rings, apple and pear crisps, grilled lavender jack cheese sandwiches, pureed cauliflower pear soup, and pear cardamom muffins to name a few.

SHARE OPTIONS: MINI SHARE (1-2 people) • MEDIUM SHARE (2-3 people) • LARGE SHARE (3-4 people) • HEALING SHARE (2-3 people, no nightshades) • CHEF SHARE (for restaurants) • PALEO SHARE (low-glycemic index) • JUICE SHARE (for juicers!) • FLOWER SHARE (so beautiful!) • BULK SHARE (strawbs, basil, potatoes) • STORAGE SHARE (winter squash, root veggies, potatoes, apples) • CANNING SHARE (green beans, beets, cukes, dill, garlic) • FRUIT SHARE (magic) • SAUERKRAUT SHARE (raw w/probiotics) • YOGURT SHARE (from happy cows) • HANDCRAFTED CHEESE SHARE (sheep, goat, cow) • MORE INFO

If you have been wanting to sign up for a farm share, I really encourage you to do it. This is the best farm farm we’ve ever supported because of the options, the care to detail, the quality, the communication, the people, and the variety in every box. It takes a combination of meal planning and spontaneity to find your rhythm, but it’s fun and inspires you to look at more recipes (the massive Helsing Junction Farms recipe database will be up on the new site soon!!) and to get creative while eating fresh, organic, healthy food. I definitely feel healthier, have more energy, and lose a few pounds that I need to shed, but feel like I’m eating yummy stuff ALL DAY LONG. We’ve had farms in the past that gave us unrealistic quantities of things we liked, but could never finish before they were gone. We eat everything in our farm share from HJF and always have the option of putting our share on hold up to twice a year if we know we are going to be out of town or too busy to get through our box (you get a double share at a later date of your choice). There are also opportunities throughout the summer and fall to purchase bulk shares of fruits (jam!) and veggies, and delicious extras from Sue and Annie’s farm buddies. SEE SHARE OPTIONS + SIGN UP. Don’t forget to use the $20 off code (HONEY17)!

Feel free to ask me any questions! I recommend following the ladies at @helsingfarmcsa on Instagram and HelsingFarmCSA on Facebook. It’s really nice to see their planting progress, farm fun, upcoming music events, and yummy harvests. Also, once you sign up for a share, you get newsletter updates regularly and emails letting you know what will be in your box that week.














Hello! Happy almost weekend, friends. I hope you get to spend the weekend with loved ones and Happy Mother’s Day to those of you with kiddos. I have so many amazing ladies in my life who are helping to raise a wonderful generation and some who have already raised fantastic humans. I know there are many more of you out there. I’d also like to recognize that this isn’t the easiest holiday for a lot of women and men (hi! I’m with you!) for a lot of reasons. Some of us are childless not by choice and have been down very painful paths, some of us don’t have mothers or don’t have loving mothers, some have lost their mothers, some have to celebrate and mourn at the same time, some have lost their children… I see you and you’re all in my thoughts along with the amazing moms. It can be hard to be at the social media party for this one, so if you’re in this camp with me — I recommend avoiding social media portals this weekend and just be kind to yourself. Do things that make you happy, treat yourself to something special, and remember: You are not alone. xx Jen


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♥ Get 15% off everything at Flutter with code: MOMMY now thru 5/16/17! Plus, they have the Magic Hour Revolution candles for $20, and all the money goes to an organization that Brandie chooses monthly (ACLU, Standing Rock are past ones) and they also have amazing postcards of King the Flutter shop cat that are $1, and all the money goes to the Partnership for Safety and Justice. Portland peeps — get over to the brick and mortar at 3948 N Mississippi Ave!

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PHOTOS: By Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Spring Faves #3

YESSSS! HAPPY FRIDAY!! We’re wrapping up SPRING FAVES WEEK with eleven more incredible small businesses and independent designers. Have fun perusing all 29 Spring Faves roundups and make sure to use the generous sale codes before they expire. I hope you get to discover some new shops to fall in love with and find dreamy gifts for your mama, your granny, your BFFs, your sweetheart, all the nurturing people in your life and, of course, your own sweet self. Thank you so much for supporting these small, women-owned businesses working so hard to support themselves and their families. Have a wonderful weekend, friends! ♥

P.S. Make sure to enter my huge Elizabeth Suzann Giveaway!


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Portland friends — mention Honey Kennedy for 10% off at Ink & Peat until Mother’s Day and make sure to stop by the shop on Friday, May 12 for the Ink & Peat Mother’s Day Shopping Event! Get 20% off everything and there will be some lovely treats and drinks. Ink & Peat is located at 3808 N. Williams Ave. MORE INFO.
{I ♥ ➝ 1. the stacks of books 2. those pretty dotty plates 3. stacks of beautiful blankets 4. all the cute things for littles}

Keep an eye on @caravanpacific on instagram to see updates, sales, and fun events!
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Get 15% off everything at Flutter with code: MOMMY now thru 5/16/17! Plus, they have the Magic Hour Revolution candles for $20, and all the money goes to an organization that Brandie chooses monthly (ACLU, Standing Rock are past ones) and they also have amazing postcards of King the Flutter shop cat that are $1, and all the money goes to the Partnership for Safety and Justice. Portland peeps — get over to the brick and mortar at 3948 N Mississippi Ave!
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All 3 Stars Antiques shops (located on the same long block in Westmoreland!) have fantastic deals every day AND you should keep an eye on the STARS COUPONS. Stars Antiques COUPONS to bring with you while you shop. MORE INFO + Follow @StarsPDX on Instagram and Facebook. Locations at 7027, 7030, and 7011 SE Milwaukie Ave.

FARM SHARE TIME! SUPPORT WOMEN FARMERS! If you are in Portland, Seattle or locations in-between and looking for a farm share, Helsing Junction Farms is my favorite. So many delicious organic veggies, fruits, cheeses, jarred goods, beautiful flowers, amazing people, and lots more! 2017 SIGN UP + DELIVERY OPTIONS.

PDX Event: Sundaze Collective


SUNDAZE COLLECTIVE • Sun, MAY 7 • 11AM to 5PM • 403 SW 10th Ave • INSTAGRAM

AHOY! The fantastique Sundaze Collective market is coming back to us this Sunday at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel! Yes, 16 talented local designers and shops will be setting up booths overflowing with things both beautiful and useful and, above all, happy-making. There will be some lovely new faces making an appearance this month and a long list of Sundaze sweethearts who you’ll be very happy to see. Leisurely stroll around this cheerful space and scoop up amazing scores in clothing, bags, accessories, jewels, cosmetics, apothecary, ceramics, rugs, textiles, wall hangings, home goods, art, stuff for the kiddies and babes, and some great vintage. AND you can get your tarot cards read for a perfect start to spring!



Each month brings a rotating selection of incredibly talented local merchants to fill The Cleaners space thanks to some ace coordinating by lovely Sarah Radcliffe from The Yo! Store! If you don’t live in Portland, make it part of your travel plans and meet some of our finest locals. MORE INFO.

THE YO! STORE: Sarah’s amazing Portland shop offers gorgeous jewels, bags, stellar home goods, wonderful apothecary goods, the cutest stuff for babies and kids, and ace vintage clothing pieces that work beautifully when paired with modern designs or layered with more standout vintage. Location: 935 NW 19TH AVE MORE THE YO! STORE.

LAURS KEMP: Laurs makes beautiful, seasonless modern garments — all sewn at her studio here in Portland. All fabric scraps are donated locally which makes them a zero-waste studio! MORE LAURS KEMP.

ALEXA STARK: Alexa designs clothing with a firm foundation in sustainability, repurposing, minimal waste and quality fabrics. MORE ALEXA STARK.

LAUREN WINTER: This local lady is making some of my favorite clothing in town! Beautiful textiles, designs that move and a dreamy new spring collection. MORE LAUREN WINTER.


AK STUDIO: Anna Korte makes dreamy, effortlessly elegant jewels and epic wall hangings that are magically transportive. MORE AK STUDIO.

JOHAN: Laura’s little Portland shop is a destination for minimal Scandi style, stunning clothing, locally made goods, interesting apothecary items, and lots more. Location: 632 SW Pine Street MORE JOHAN.

NATALIE JOY: Natalie Joy is known for her bold, geometric jewelry shapes that become timeless wardrobe staples. She also makes amazing brass plant mobiles that catch the light and cast dreamy shadows. MORE NATALIE JOY.

VINTALIER: Ellen’s wonderful brick-and-mortar in the Pearl District is full with a great selection of modern and classic vintage clothing mixed in with accessories and apothecary goods. MORE VINTALIER.


MIMI CERAMICS: Mica Demarquez is making wonderul ceramic pieces in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses. MORE MIMI CERAMICS.

PRIMECUT: Lizzie Falkenstein makes gorgeous leather bags, wallets, backpacks, small accessories and pillows. MORE PRIMECUT.

PLEASE AND THANK YOU: Please & Thank You loves the process of getting dressed and choosing styles that suit your mood from moment to moment. They think that clothes should give confidence, encouragement and strength to women. MORE PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

FIELD TRIP: Field Trip is a Portland lifestyle brick and mortar shop and community space. The shop brings together amazing makers in Portland and surrounding areas and offers fun workshops. Their retail space supports a great roster of small designers and crafters. Learn, shop, and get inspired! Located at 3725 SE Division St. MORE FIELD TRIP.


JESSICA NECOR STUDIO: Jessica makes bags and pouches from leather and other long-wearing, beautiful textiles that she creates in-house with block print and screen print. She also donates 5% of sales to the ACLU! MORE JESSICA NECOR STUDIO.

MELAMOSEY: Melanie has been a metalsmith for over a decade and started her jewelry line a few years ago to express her designs by instinct, not trend or comparison. She makes modern, utilitarian, sculptural goods with a nod to traditional crafts. MORE MELAMOSEY.

SPELA COSMETICS: SPELA is committed to creating high quality cosmetics in beautiful, wearable shades that are vegan, cruelty free, and E.U. compliant — so they’re free of toxic chemicals. MORE SPELA.

THOMAS & SONS DISTILLERY: Thomas & Sons is the amazing distilled spirits project from Townshend’s Tea Company. The line includes wonderful tea liqueurs, Italian amari, gin, fernet, alpine liqueur, and other botanical spirits distilled from a fermentation of tea and sugar. MORE THOMAS & SONS DISTILLERY.

May 7, June 4, July 2, Aug 6, Sept 3, Oct 1, Nov 5 and Dec 3.


If you want to get in on the fun or know someone who should, just contact Sarah Radcliffe {} to submit the relevant details about your designs or your little shop that you’d like to showcase at an upcoming Sundaze Collective event.