I love these new quilts from Fieldwell by Portland-based husband and wife duo, Mary and Steven Wise. Mary studied textile design at Savannah College of Art and Design and Steven is a computer graphics tech guy. They came together to create wares with a minimalist, modern design that are rooted in traditional craft. Fieldwell uses ethically-sourced all natural fibers and every quilt is made locally in their Portland studio. Mary and Steven hope that their well-made designs will be heirlooms passed down to loved ones over many generations. I’d love to have one in my own home! My favorites are the Block Quilt, the Division Quilt, the White Rue Baby Quilt, and the Fieldwell Tote Bag. More HERE.











Images courtesy of Fieldwell.

AYR + Catching Up



Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun weekend! Here are some of my favorites from the new AYR fall collection. They make some great jeans — I really love their Jet Black Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans and, from this new collection, my favorites are the Camel Hair Maxi Robe Coat, the Charcoal Wool Robe Coat, the Speckled Dove Coup Blazer, the Merlot Rue Abel Sweater, the Silk Trench Dress, the Linen Utility Dress, the Natural Clean Cotton Shirt, and the Jaguar Legs Indigo Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans. More HERE.

Have a good week! I’ve rounded up some things for you to catch up on below. xo Jen


♥ The best GIVEAWAY FOR PLANT AND BRASS LOVERS! Handmade dazzling beauties.

♥ Some very dreamy and affordable linen clothing. Made to order!

♥ The 20 lovely things I rounded up for LOVELY THINGS #1 — my new series.

♥ Let’s spend the rest of the summer lounging in a field of flowers like these ladies!

♥ EVERYTHING in this collection, please. So good.

♥ Yes, all the things in Julia’s shop, please. Especially these things.

♥ Some cute looks for fall — I love the little grey capelet!

♥ The colors and mood for my LOVELY THINGS #2 roundup seem very harmonious to me.

♥ A fantastic collection from a new Portland designer to watch.

♥ A very lovely and very PNW collection. Cascadia Poncho, please!

♥ Oh, the full skirts and amazing textures! This new collection is more available now.

♥ An exceptionally elegant and interesting clothing collection.

♥ Hot corals, muted apricots, abstract art, mid-century, shoes… my LOVELY THINGS #3.

♥ I still want a pair of these shoes.

♥ I’m having rose-tinted visions — a fun roundup of cute shades.

♥ I also love all these black and tan sunglasses for autumn.

♥ Stunning new jewels in brass, bronze, and silver.

♥ Cool new jewels in speckled granite and shining silver.

♥ I’m into this new collaborative collection of furniture and other home goods.

♥ Serenity, getaways, muted wood tones, and beautiful goods — it’s LOVELY THINGS #4.

♥ More gorgeous home goods by Sara! So many beautiful colors and textures.

♥ We are over the moon about this beautiful new shop in Astoria, Oregon!

♥ A Portland favorite gets a sweet little makeover.

♥ We stopped by for a visit with Debbe and her great shop in Sellwood.

♥ Oh, these gorgeous photos! A wonderful ceremony and celebration resource.

♥ This new shop carries great new and vintage clothing, accessories and housewares.

♥ A gorgeous new series of beautiful handmade brass home goods.

Black Lives Matter — some personal thoughts and feelings.






Brass Plant Mobile Giveaway!

YAY! I’m so happy to be having a fun Brass Plant Mobile giveaway today with lovely maker Natalie Joy! One lucky winner will get to pick the plant mobile of their choice! Her jewels are wonderful head-turners and now so are these dreamy handmade brass mobiles made perfectly in the silhouettes of houseplants. I love the way they twirl when there is a breeze and the glints of light and shadowplay they spread across a room. They also look amazing set dangling in a jungle of houseplants or hanging in the window. My faves are the Monstera Deliciosa (split leaf philodendron), the Monstera Adansonii (swiss cheese plant), and the Dracaena Fragrans (corn plant). It’s really fun to see them in action in other people’s homes on Natalie’s instagram — so much plant love! More HERE. GOOD LUCK, FRIENDS! ♥

P.S. Get 10% off all Natalie’s amazing Brass Plant Mobiles with code GOLDTHUMB thru 9/1.

1. Check out Natalie’s Brass Plant Mobiles and tell us your favorites in a comment below.
2. For an extra entry, follow both @nataliejoyjewels and @HoneyKennedy on Instagram. Then leave a comment below. If you already like us–just let me know that, too!











A SWEET DEAL: GGet 10% off all Natalie’s amazing Brass Plant Mobiles with code GOLDTHUMB thru 9/1!

SHIPPING, ETC: The winner’s shipping will be covered by Natalie Joy Jewelry. International entries are welcome, but the winner is responsible for any international duties and taxes that might arise.

DRAWING: This giveaway ends Weds, August 31, at 12PM PST. The winner will be chosen at random and I’ll update this post with their name within a few days.




PHOTO CREDITS: 1. Monstera Deliciosa (split leaf philodendron) by @futureancestor 2. Monstera Adansonii (swiss cheese plant) by @nataliejoyjewels 3. Dracaena Fragrans (corn plant) by @nataliejoyjewels 4. Philodendron Scandens (heart leaf philodendron) by @nataliejoyjewels 5. Monstera Deliciosa (split leaf philodendron) by @futureancestor 6. Monstera Deliciosa (split leaf philodendron) by @nataliejoyjewels 7. Monstera Deliciosa (split leaf philodendron) by @nineteentenhome 8. Dracaena Fragrans (corn plant) by @nataliejoyjewels 9. Monstera Deliciosa (split leaf philodendron) by @calivintage 10. Euphorbia Acruensis (cowboy cactus) by @nataliejoyjewels 11. Monstera Adonsonii (swiss cheese plant) by @tincanhomestead 12. Monstera Adonsonii (swiss cheese plant) by @stumpplants

Lovely Things #4

I’ve got home goods on the brain right now and a need to make everything a bit more serene. That sums up Lovely Things #4. Wood. Copper. Soft, splatter-y prints. Also, a getaway. I could really use a getaway in a Norwegian cabin. Check out lots more Lovely Things roundups!

I want to hole up for a month or two in the peaceful Norderhov Cabin.

I love the new Blushing Taupe Blooms Wallpaper and all the rest of the new designs, too!

I love this wood and brass tray! Breakfast in bed or a nice coffee table spot to put candles, coasters, and incense. This reminds me of my art deco one.

These brass and mirror trays are great, too. I love these for dressers, vanities, or pretty toiletries in the bathroom.

Oh, helloooo! I love these new Black Bubble mugs in both sizes. I want to stare lovingly at one while I sip my morning coffee.

I love this collection and all the rest of the amazing new home goods.

All these candles smell amazing. I’d love a mini candle box set.

I love this fringy Coyuchi linen table runner. The wildflower runner is beautiful, too.

It’s hard to find a cute dish rack — this one is probably the cutest one ever.

These copper watering cans are a handy classic — and easy on the eyes so you can leave it hanging out with your houseplants.

HELP. I want all these pretty standing planters. Especially the grey and the rose pink ones.

First, I need a mudroom with cute tile and beautiful molding. Then I need this oak bench to put in it. And all the planter pots and things.



Happy Friday, friends! I’ve been enjoying time this week with my good friend, Jenna, while she’s visiting me from Brooklyn. We’ve gone to the ocean, picked fruit and flowers, talked for hours, and I’m looking forward to taking her to more shops around town. I’m also looking forward to doing some cooking! Well, light cooking, mostly making salads and ice cream (we have this simple ice cream maker and it’s great!) since it’s supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend. Have a fun one! See you next week. ♥ xo Jen


♥ This cute polka dot dress will also work in fall/winter with tights, booties, and Dark Wave!

♥ A pretty polka dot dress lovely for parties or for office with a jacket. (25% off: REFRESH)

♥ This utility day dress seems like a great casual closet staple for running around town.

♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE this linen jumpsuit! (35% off, too!)

♥ So cuckoo for this perfect polka dot top! Sweet, but not too sweet.

♥ Another very dreamy silk polka dot top. Good dressed up or down.

♥ These linen pineapple shorts are so sweet. And they are on sale! (27% off)

♥ Finally, all these beautiful shoes are back in stock. SO GOOD.

♥ These blue suede shoes are a strange shape, but I’m into it.

♥ I love the shape and details of this crossbody bag. Outer sunglasses loop!

♥ I use my black and gold one every day! I want about 3 more colors.

♥ I love this beautiful wallet/clutch. That brass bar bit is so nice! (58% off!)

♥ I’m thinking a cuff stack with Canyon, Claw, and Wave would be beautiful!!

♥ These serpent earrings are stunning — something to wear daily.

♥ A nice way to put your hair up for casual days and more dressed up occasions.

♥ So perfect! A beautiful way to display your necklaces artfully in your room.

♥ I still want all of these — it’s hard to choose! Faves are this one and this one.

♥ This dreamy little planter pot is a good one for plant lovers!

♥ Find your animal spirit guides and daily dose of direction.

♥ I was just wishing I had this perfect lamp for the bedside stool in our guest room.

♥ These cookies my friends make are so good. Nice to send to loved ones, too!

IMAGE: Lisa Fonssagrives by Richard Rutledge for Vogue, April 1952.