HAPPY FRIDAY, friends! What a week! I’m so excited about my two amazing giveaways and everything happening in the coming weeks. The thrill of fall is dizzying and I’m already getting excited for the holidays. I think with such a hot ass summer — the promise of cooler days is that much more wonderful. My weekend is busy with organization and getting the house ready for my friend visiting from Montreal, but I’m going to try to squeeze some more baking and soup making in. Have a good one! xo Jen

P.S. Has anyone been watching this show? It’s on my list — maybe this weekend.


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I want to try one of these hydrating sheet masks.

These Bright Facial Treatment Sheet Masks sound really lovely!

I’m wearing Healthy Lips and Ruby Woo lately.

These simple long spike earrings are so pretty.

Sweet! Love these Cry Later Earrings. You can Smile Now.

A plaid wool cocoon coat? Yes, please.

Love this wool kimono + a topknot for dreamy art teacher vibes. Every color, please.

A very good geometric fringed sweater. So cute!

I really love these striped trousers. (25% off code: knowyoursource)

The plaid love is strong this year — I want this big plaid shirt!

Right on, Write On.

I love these dreamy handmade wallets that Annie is making! All the colors, please. (25% off)

I’m into this slouchy black leather duffle and the baseball mitt one, too!

I’d love some pointed grey leather loafers.

Can’t help thinking about these boots and the cozy lined version.

I’d like to try this Christmas Fir room spray. So ready for wet NW smells!

Not really into Lenny Kravitz, but I love this chair he designed with CB2.

And this secret booze coffee table, too.

Speaking of booze… MARBLE DRINK SHAPES!

I’ve been eyeing this roundup of sweet recipes I put together a couple years ago. YUM.

I made these Pear Ginger Walnut muffins and they are SO GOOD. Add cardamom!


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Stop by Flutter now through Saturday, Oct 3 and get 20% off their entire selection of Tokyo Milk products! Flutter is located at 3948 N. Mississippi Ave. MORE INFO.

Go to Haunt for First Friday from 7PM to 9PM tonight! Enjoy the Midnight Floral Photography by Amy Wennerlind with flowers by Kailua Platt and the Continuall Vintage and Melamosey Jewelry Trunk Shows. Always so much fun at Holly’s shop! Haunt is located at 811 E Burnside #113. MORE INFO.


PHOTOS: 1. Cher by Bob Willoughby for Vogue, 1967. 2. Cher by Arnaud de Rosnay for Vogue, August 1967.

Bergamot Beauty Giveaway!

YAY! I’m so happy to be having a lovely giveaway with BERGAMOT — a Portland-based natural and organic beauty haven. It’s a new season and a perfect time for a self-care refresh. The winner will get $150 credit to spend in Salwa’s wonderful shop! Bergamot stocked up for fall and is now full of skincare, makeup, fragrances, bath, body and more dreamy things made from high quality ingredients by companies who take pride in being good for people and good for the environment. I’ve included 10 of my current shop faves with links below, but I’d honestly be thrilled to have anything from the shop! More HERE. GOOD LUCK, FRIENDS! ♥

P.S. Get Free U.S. Shipping at Bergamot with code BERGAMOTFALL now thru 9/26!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Krissy Teegerstrom! She won this amazing prize!!

1. Visit Bergamot and tell us your shop favorites in a comment below.
2. For an extra entry, follow both @bergamotbeauty on Instagram and @HoneyKennedy on Instagram. Then leave a comment below. If you already like us–just let me know that, too!

MY BERGAMOT FAVES: 1. Moonlight Catalyst 2. Zodiac Perfume 3. Beauty Elixir III — Prismatic Array 4. Jardin De Fleurs Skin Revitalizer 5. La Bella Figura cosmetics 6. Butter Elixir 7. Bohemia Verde Hair Elixir 8. Butter Lip Elixir 9. Renewing Polish 10. Nūdus Lipstick

A SWEET DEAL: Get Free U.S. Shipping at Bergamot with code BERGAMOTFALL now thru 9/26!

SHIPPING, ETC: The winner’s shipping will be covered by Bergamot. International entries are welcome, but Bergamot winners outside the U.S. will responsible for any international duties and taxes.

DRAWING: This giveaway ends Wednesday, September 23, at 1PM PST. The winner will be chosen at random and I’ll update this post with the name of the winner within a few days.



Shop Visit: Thicket



While strolling through Portland’s Alberta Arts district you may miss the verdant oasis that is Thicket if you’re not paying attention. The wonderfully large and abundant nursery is tucked away behind Pine State, that mecca of biscuits and gravy, and the Sip Juice Truck. In fact, it was my frequent trips to Sip that clued me in to the magic waiting at Thicket. I love to wander into this lush wonderland and watch the bees frolic amongst the plants while waiting for my smoothie. I’ve also been known to leave with a new succulent or cactus as Thicket’s selection and pricing are some of the best in town.




Thicket’s delightful owner, Adria Sparhawk, has extensive plant knowledge and is often on hand (look for the lady in the adorable apron and sun hat) to offer gardening tips and suggestions or to answer questions about her vast inventory. From the aforementioned succulents and cacti to air plants, ferns, carnivorous plants (my fave!), fruit trees, and everything in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Adria’s stock. You’ll probably find quite a few beauties that you didn’t even know you were looking for! Thicket also carries seeds, soil, compost, mulch, fertilizer and planters. I highly recommend Adria’s spot-on selection of pots and other garden accoutrements which blow away the competition in both style and price.




Whether you’re looking for a stroll to get away from it all for a bit or some serious gardening supplies, Thicket has sweet spots throughout their space that offer respite from city life and everything on hand to help you recreate that lovely green juju in your own space.

Thicket is located in Portland at 4933 NE 23rd Avenue and is open daily from 11AM to 6PM (Note: hours may change for the fall/winter season). Like Thicket on Facebook on and follow @thicketpdx on Instagram to keep up on new arrivals, gardening tips and more!





Shop Visit is a Honey Kennedy series about shops and studios found in Portland and beyond. This post is by Honey Kennedy contributor Allison Burt-Tilden. Make sure to stop by her lovely blog Votre Grande Soeur



Hi! Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend planned or no plans to ensure maximum lounging and spontaneity. I’m still recovering from surgery and finally got out of the house for a couple of hours last night for pizza with friends. I’m stir-crazy, but trying to be patient so I can heal more quickly. In this vulnerable state I’m realizing that I’m not very good at leaning on others or asking for help. That kind of support wasn’t really there for me growing up and into my twenties, so I’m trying to recognize this and become more comfortable with it now that I have supportive, truly nurturing people in my life. Lots of inadvertent soul searching lately — it’s unnerving, but for the best, I think. I hope. Have a good weekend and please do some cartwheels and frolicking out there for me! ♥ Jen


I can’t stop laughing — I’m going to burst my stitches.

I’d like to dry this lip crayon in P.O.C., Shocking + Birthday Suit.

Having feelings for these black patent leather YSL pumps.

Studded, suede and pointy — love these shoes!

Maybe it’s a childhood magic thing, but I love the starry toes situation!

Those cute oxfords I was talking about are on sale! (25% off code YESPLEASE)

I’ll be weeping quietly over this bordeaux leather bag and its dreamy details.

Just the perfect leather forever tote.

I love all three colors of this crossbody bag. (25% off code YESPLEASE)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Annie’s new leather pouches!

A beautiful nude motorcycle jacket.

Just staring at this stunning silk shirt in the perfect fall chestnut color.

I love these wide-leg linen trousers.

These tux stripe trousers are cute and I like the autumn colors.

A good cardigan — I especially like the black. (40% off code BDAY)

I love this black dress for fall and winter! Amazing price.

A sexy striped linen dress.

I LOVE THIS BIKINI. The high-waisted bottoms and print are SO GOOD.

I love the texture happening with this bronze necklace.

The sweetest trio of tiny lockets in silver or gold.

HELLO pretty moonstone ring!

OMG — these earrings.

I still need these hoop earrings!

Super sweet bobby pins.

These grey Le Creuset dutch ovens are lovely.

Now all I can think of is deep dish peach pie.

YES. Thank you for the distinction — often the same for “collaboration”.


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PHOTOS: San Simeon by Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harper’s Bazaar, June 1958.



So sorry for the super light week of content! I had so many posts in the works that will have to wait until next week. I ended up in some terrible pain and having to go to several doctor’s appointments to sort things out and it looks like unavoidable surgery, unfortunately. It is inspiring me to finally get a little more personal in some upcoming posts as I’d mentioned I’d wanted to do in the beginning of the year, so I guess that’s good. This weekend will be spent doing some physical stuff that we need to tackle before I’m useless lifting heavy boxes for a bit. I’ve had laparoscopic surgery once before, but I guess going under still scares the hell out of me. I wish I could be a little stronger for other women who have never gone through surgery to help overcome some difficult women’s health issues, but I need that kind of pep talk myself at this point! The only thing I can say is that you should find a surgeon who really feels like the right fit for you — I think that’s important for peace of mind. I guess I feel that way about any doctor — find your people who make you feel safe and confident in their hands. OK, this is a weird Friday post! Ha. I hope your weekend is full of zero troubles and lots of fun. See you next week. xo Jen


FINALLY. A beautiful heartbreak kit. Such a good idea!

I love the color of this blush! Seems universally flattering.

I’d love to try this pretty bright red lip boost!

I’d love some wave hoops and a little eclipsed moon necklace.

These tile earrings are stunning. (25% off: SUMMERFUN)

I need a few of these halo leather glasses cases. (10% off: HALO)

Give me all the tops and all the dresses, please.

This lovely dress looks so good on its own or with tights or jeans.

I love this cool smock dress.

This symbols dress is lovely to wear now and for for fall.

Hello cute, pointy shoes that I want to wear all the time.

Sweet new boots! Gimme all the colors.

These cute shoes look like silvery moonlight.

I love these pink and gold dazzling flats.

These are perfect oxfords to wear now through spring!

I keep these ballet flats in the car to change into when I need to switch gears.

I want every size (and color) of these amazing graph collection bags.

A beautiful bag for… everything. It looks like it holds a lot!

So pretty! I love this patterned sequin clutch for special evenings out. (10% off: HALO)

A wonderful trio of special gold-rimmed bowls.

I’d love to wander around Virginia Woolf’s garden.

DIY ice dyeing — such a dreamy affect.



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Friday, Aug 7. 12PM to 8PM. Stop by the HAUNT 5TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY! There will be a one day 25% off storewide sale, treats and a photo show. Haunt is located at 811 E. Burnside. MORE INFO.

Friday, Aug 7. 7PM to 10PM at Seven Sisters. Join Allison to celebrate 4 years of Votre Grande Soeur! General merriment will be enhanced by a signature VGS cocktail featuring booze from Eastside Distillery, sweet soul sounds from DJ Big Booty Judy, rad goodie bags and more! The VGS party is at Seven Sisters at 811 E. Burnside. MORE INFO.

Saturday, Aug 8. Doors at 6PM. Show at 7PM. Make sure to come to the Alley 33 Fashion Show!!! The amazing event will take place at 33rd & SE Hawthorne Blvd. and the designers participating are: Amelia Boutique, Carolyn Hart Designs, Altar Houseline, Chubby Cartwheels, Sarah Bibb for FOLLY, Veil & Valor, Lizz Basinger, Bridge City Bikinis, WearMOORE, Emma Salz, FYN, Hubris, Piper Dalton, Smith River, Wolf Child with MKO Vintage, All Bad Days, The Moonchilde, KDDesigns, Eve Skywalker, Lostwood Lane Apparel and Carla Mink for Mink. There will be music and a fun afterparty at Gold Dust Meridian! MORE INFO + BUY TICKETS.


PHOTOS: 1. Observatory in Jaipur from Harper’s Bazaar, January 1958. 2. San Simeon by Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harper’s Bazaar, June 1958. 3. Harper’s Bazaar, 1951.