Lovely Things #9

Lookie here! It’s another Lovely Things post in less than one month. I almost made my Cool Summer Drink Recipes post a Lovely Things roundup, but decided I’ll keep these posts more varied for things that I feature. I think the common threads in #9 are gold, mint, and dipping a toe into fall with the heat of summer still at your back. Find more LOVELY THINGS.

I love this whole look — especially the sunglasses and the jumpsuit.

This light quartz pink denim jumpsuit is super cute. (Free US ship: USAFREE)

Love these pressed flower DIY tips. These are so beautiful hanging on the wall!

I made this golden beet turmeric hummus and it was SO GOOD.

Oh, my. Her second book looks so very lovely!

I’m feeling this 1985 Madonna shot by Andy Schwartz during Desperately Seeking Susan.

I’m totally obsessed with this new fragrance. It smells like old French church.

Ummm… cardamom toothpaste? Don’t mind if I do!

I cannot tell you how much I’d like to try this fancy rose mouthwash!

I’m so charmed by these dusty mint floral pillowcases.

I’ll take these linen pillowcases in dirty pink and all the other hues, please.

I love these handmade metallic moon leather pouches.

This beautiful linen coat has been on my mind for fall – in navy, natural, and black.

This whole look with the perfect linen vest and silk jumpsuit is amazing.

Beautiful gold foil leather GG pumps! And these.

I’m planting these dreamy washed silk-hued fleurs from seed this year.

Who can resist stars and champagne? Not moi.

Cool Summer Drink Recipes

If you’ve been following me @honeykennedy on instagram this summer, you know that I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, baking, pickling, and syrup making this year and really making the most of our amazing farm share from Helsing Junction Farms and all the herbs, roses, berries, and tomatoes I’m growing in our garden. I recently made my own Ginger Vanilla Thyme Simple Syrup to add to soda water, cocktails, and other quick, happy-making recipes. I also made Lavender Rose Mint Simple Syrup that I’ve been enjoying over fruit and yogurt several times a week. I love simple drinks made with fresh and interesting flavor combos, so I put together a little roundup with some cocktails and mocktails that have sparked my interest lately. Have fun and feel free to ask me about making simple syrups!

Rhubarb Mint Mojito

Watermelon Basil Fizz

Spiked Strawberry Lemonade

Cherry Vanilla Maple Shrub

Rhubarb & Rosewater Syrup

Ginger Rhubarb Bee’s Knees

Sparkling Thyme Rosé

Blood Orange Gin Sparkler

White Peach Maple Soda

Palma Rosa Cocktail
honey-kennedy-summer-drinks-08-101 paloma-rosa

Pink Grapefruit Gin Slush
honey-kennedy-summer-drinks-09-david-lebovitz Pink-Grapefruit-Gin-Slush-recipe

Lavender Kumquat Shrub
honey-kennedy-summer-drinks-10-bojon gourmet lavender-kumquat-shrub

Golden Raspberry Lillet Cocktail

Persimmon Tangerine Vanilla Ginger Turmeric Smoothie

Lemon Anise Slush

Pineapple Coconut Water

Elderflower & Coriander Vodka

Tarragon Soda

Matcha Ginger Affogato

Love Potion #09: Rose Elixir

Strawberry Almond Milk

Dragonfruit Vodka Tonic



HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. xx Jen


♥ One of my favorite scents ever is now in body oil form!

♥ I’m so happy about this green mask — it is a total skin reviver.

♥ Get ready for the eclipse w/ moon dominoes + these earrings (20% off: TOTALECLIPSE)!

♥ I love these dotty pants, but with these shoes or these dream shoes.

♥ I’m thinking about these lovely linen pants in flax and in black.

♥ Insert crying face emoji because I kinda need this magical bag.

♥ Not gonna lie — I’m pretty obsessed with these rose smoking slippers.

♥ Meeeeow xoxo sweet pointy perfect flats.

♥ YES! These striped smoking slippers are perfect with rolled up jeans or full skirts.

♥ That silver linen goddess dress is on super sale! (extra 20% off: SHOPSUMMER)

♥ I still need this dress in every color — I love that it can be worn any season!

♥ This breezy linen dress is also a closet staple for all seasons. (50% OFF)

♥ Adorable suede mary janes making me excited for autumn.

♥ This simple brass bridge cuff is a beauty.

♥ OK, I still have these earrings on my mind and need to remedy that situation!

♥ These rad earrings are just modern classic forever wardrobe staples.

♥ Oh, my heart. This little ruby and sapphire ring is the sweetest.

♥ I really want all of these plant stands, please.

♥ So many good wedding gift ideas for design loving friends and loved ones!

♥ So cute! I love this golden polka dot pour over coffee set!

♥ Love these little somethings to help make others feel the love.

♥ 100% feel this 24/7.

♥ I’ve made these blueberry muffins about 5 times in the past month! SOOO GOOOOD!

♥ We made these yummy cold sesame noodles and made extra sauce to keep in the fridge.


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PHOTOS: 1. by Eliot Elisofon, 1952. 2. Cherry Nelms in the 1950s.



Happy Friday, friends! I am coming to you from St. Paul, Minnesota. We’re back visiting family again, but this time it’s for fun stuff like birthdays, tacos, and tequila. We even get a few visits with our friends here this time around. So far, I am resisting my urge to go vintage shopping and estate sale sailing because I tend to have good luck here and know we’d suddenly need to rent a truck to drive everything back to Portland. We’ll see if I stay strong! It’s tempting though, right?? Have the most wonderful weekend! xo Jen


♥ I’ve been wearing this fragrance a lot lately.

♥ It’s pretty heady, but I do love this scent.

♥ I give a lot of credit to this great tool for helping my skin behave. (33% off)

♥ I’d love to get this newer design because it would take up less space. (33% off)

♥ I love these sleek suede booties. So cute over matching tights in the fall! (40% off)

♥ I love these stacked pumps in every color! Especially black, cherie, and brocade. (35% off)

♥ I’m thinking of ordering this linen top in dusty pink and maybe wood brown and dark blue.

♥ Aaaaannnnd…. maybe this wonderful linen skirt in a few colors!

♥ These film noir skinny jeans look really good.

♥ I love that this perfect linen dress has nice big pockets.

♥ I think this dress in blush or black would be handy — you can throw in a suitcase.

♥ I just love this blue buffalo check cotton dress. (30% off)

♥ I would like one of these lacey bras to wear with v-necks. (35% off)

♥ I didn’t even know these handy things existed. I need a few. (35% off)

♥ I love this apron so much — I think it would be perfect for gardening with those pockets!

♥ This is a sweet little red lip kit.

♥ I also love this pretty lip set in both colors. She makes nice hues!

♥ ADORABLE. A marble and rose gold manicure kit.

♥ I love this cute glass water bottle set.


♥ It’s happening. One of the BIGGEST SALES OF THE YEAR!

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PHOTOS: 1. Grace Kelly in Montego Bay in 1955 by Howell Conant. 2. Vogue, 1954 by Roger Prigent.



Hey hey! Happy Holiday Weekend to my U.S. homies — I hope it’s a long one that you get to enjoy! There has been a darkness over our country since we lost the election and then the Obamas, but I am reminded every single day that the good people here far outnumber those blind to our vision for an inclusive, harmonious future. It has been difficult to hold our heads up some days, but I am hopeful that the ship will be righted and we will be back on course. Lots of love to everyone out there and, if you live outside the states, please stand with us — we need you. xx Jen


♥ A wonderful shop full of talented indie designers — GOODWIN GIVEAWAY!

♥ Her prints are AMAZING. All the dresses and jumpsuits from the HEINUI GIVEAWAY!

♥ The magic green beauty potions that my skin LOVES — the big TATA HARPER GIVEAWAY!


♥ LOOOVE this silver linen goddess dress. (extra 15% off: EVERSUMMER)

♥ This striped linen button back dress is really good.

♥ I adore this pink abstract dress so much. (15% off: SUNSHINE + GIVEAWAY)

♥ A suuuper versatile linen chambray wrap dress. (extra 15% off: EVERSUMMER)

♥ A long striped linen dress that would be good for beach times.

♥ A billowy summer dream is what this dress is! (15% off: SUNSHINE + GIVEAWAY)

♥ I have my eye on this pretty coral bra. (25% off)

♥ This clasp in the front bra is a crazy good deal. (20% off)

♥ Cuuuute! Love this striped bandeau swim top.

♥ These stars and pom poms wrap sandals are cute in every color! (50% off)

♥ I will forever love these booties… and they are 50% off!

♥ About that watermelon pink velvet — yeah, I’m down with it.

♥ A very cute little jacket. Love the lining, too! (extra 30% off: OUT30)

♥ Speaking of goddesses, this brass necklace is 100% goddess vibes. (25% off: SPF25)

♥ I love these pretty new earrings so much.

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♥ This is probably the cutest selection of cards I’ve ever seen.

♥ Loving these dipped indigo handmade cups for coffee, tea, snacks. (30% off: FREE4ALL)

♥ Ummm… bergamot-y coffee with lime and milk chocolate notes? I’m down to clown.

♥ This cute housewarming card totally cracks me up.

♥ I’m excited about this popsicle book and my new popsicle molds!

♥ I also ordered this healthy popsicle recipe book and am eyeing this book, too!

♥ When you have 2 addictions — La Croix and plants!! (15% off: SHINEON)


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PHOTOS: Constantin Joffe