Hello! HAPPY WEEKEND! I tried to get cozy last weekend, but the weather spiked back into the 80s. Maybe this weekend? I’ll be going to brunch, running errands, baking up a storm (yum — I just made these), and doing the mountain of laundry I’ve been completely ignoring. I still don’t feel settled into fall because of our nutty weather, but I’m totally ready for those moody grey skies, crisp air, and long walks across crunchy leaves now. How about you? xo Jen


♥ SCENTS: I’m in full Dark Wave and Cardinal mode.

♥ I’m pretty sure most of us need a galaxy scarf.

♥ A stunning linen forest and fern frond dream. (10% off: HONEY10)

♥ My fave booties are back in stock!

♥ I’ll take these boots, please. (20%+ off: GOODBUY)

♥ These black suede ankle-strap shoes are adorable. (20%+ off: GOODBUY)

♥ Oh, HELLO. Love these black penny loafers. Good soles! (20%+ off: GOODBUY)

♥ This canvas and leather weekender would be super handy to have. (20%+ off: GOODBUY)

♥ I don’t know. I kind of love this shiny blush satin bomber.

♥ A great black tunic dress — so cute with tights.

♥ This buffalo plaid dress would be so good with cable knit tights. (20%+ off: GOODBUY)

♥ This dreamy embroidered dress would be so cute for fall and holiday parties.

♥ An adorably sweet moon and stars dress.

♥ A pretty pointelle sweater massively discounted. (extra 40% off: FRIDAY)

♥ A slightly cropped sweater in two lovely shades of blue.

♥ All cat ladies need this funny little kitty sweater.

♥ ALL of these shirts, please! Especially this and this.

♥ Hello — how cute are these jeans?? Good buttons.

♥ Another cute pair of jeans — love the length and pockets. (20% off)

♥ This beautiful silk skirt is so lovely in both colors for autumn.

♥ YES! Windowpane. Love these navy grid trousers.

♥ I wear these pretty earrings almost every day, so I need them in white, too!

♥ I’m loving these big simple statement earrings.

♥ If I still worked in an office, I’d bring a sweet lunch bag to work.

♥ Beaucoup rug love for this rug, this rug, and this rug.

♥ This handmade ceramic pour over coffee set is really lovely.

♥ Such pretty copper barware.

♥ This denim patch quilt is amazing.

♥ This cool swaddle blanket would be perfect for a badass baby.


PHOTOS: I LOOOVE these surprisingly current looking photos of models in Alexander Calder’s Connecticut art studio in 1948 by Genevieve Naylor.

Modern Weaving

Help. I’ve fallen in love with everything from Modern Weaving by Tiffani Anne Williams. I’ve become a little fixated on large brass earrings lately and Tiffani’s fall collection is like a candy store. A lot of her earring shapes feel very 60s and 70s to me and keep the cool west coast art teacher look of the same era that I love so much. I’m also getting some early 80s socialite in Saint-Tropez vibes that I’m enjoying. Very modern designs with winks to the past. Her bags are lovely as well — they are sculptural pieces of modern art. My faves are the Brass Odd Oval Fringe Earrings, the Brass Oval Droop Earrings, the Brass Circle Oval Earrings, the Brass Abstract Loop Earrings, the Circle Snap Bucket Bag, the Leather Grid Satchel, and the Oval Snap Handle Bag in tomato red leather. More HERE, HERE, and HERE.




















I love so many things I’ve seen from Someware! It takes me a while to figure out what I want to do with each room that I decorate. It’s a layering process and a process of elimination that can take a while if you’re on a budget or don’t want your home filled with items to make it look like a showroom for one or two brands. I tend to want to get the large pieces for a room in place before I add the other layers, like rugs, smaller furniture, and accessories. Sometimes though, I find a unique handmade rug, small table, artwork piece, or accessory that I feel MUST be in the room and my other selections for the room are informed by that choice to make it work. Someware is filled with those kinds of items that are so beautiful and special that you want to honor them and make the room work for them.

If you already have an aesthetic that celebrates a well-traveled life or a love for many cultures and techniques — there is a lot here for you. My favorites are the San Mateo Hammock, the Sabana Wool Throw Blankets, the Nude Spotted Rug, the Black Spotted Rug, the Guava Riviera Tote and La Spezia Tote, the Mainstay Waste Basket. More HERE.


















Some Autumn Cuteness

I used to be more into clothes from Anthropologie from 2004 to 2007-ish, but then it all got waaaaay too fussy for me. Since that heyday, most the time I look at the catalogs and say out loud, “Why would you sew so much crap onto a shirt?? Quit with the asymmetry and fringe and random buttons and peplums and ruffles and gathers and ruching and ties, people!” and “Where are the natural fibers? Where are the simple classics with pretty details?” I do think their home goods and shoes (like these and these) have gotten even better over the years though (SO GOOD right now) and I still peruse from time to time. I found some cute clothes during my last skim through, so I thought I’d do a little post to highlight some of my faves. I linked the photos below to make it easier to get to the items if you like them too. ♥




















Happy Friday! What are you up to? I’m planning to lounge around and read magazines, repot plants and tidy the garden, drink lots of tea, snuggle with my dog, watch old movies, visit a few local shops, and, basically, RELAX my face off. This is much needed! I’m sure many of you can relate. Here’s to doing the things that make you feel good and centered and YOU. xo Jen


♥ Lipsticks to try: La Bouleversante, Parker, George, Fringe, and Bombora

♥ I love this classic cashmere trench coat in every color. (25% off: BESTDRESSED)

♥ A beautiful fall coat — love the brass zipper. (25% off: BESTDRESSED)

♥ This rusty red wool coat would be lovely for winter.

♥ This striped dress is very sweet. (25% off: BESTDRESSED)

♥ This plaid dress is a really good deal and on sale! (30% off: ENJOY)

♥ Love this easy shirtdress in all three prints. (30% off: ENJOY)

♥ This simple charcoal dress works for fall through spring. (30% off: ENJOY)

♥ I think this sweater is perfect with both jeans and full skirts.

♥ Loving this windowpane plaid shirt. So into windowpane!

♥ Buffalo check just got a little sexier — love this top.

♥ These black linen pants are perfect for all seasons. (extra 50% off: ROAD50)

♥ ALL these cute things are crazily an additional 50% off. (extra 50% off: ROAD50)

♥ This side-slit black skirt is a perfect closet staple for work.

♥ Just add tights and cute booties to this cute windowpane skirt.

♥ I love these versatile black booties.

♥ Hello, crazy dazzling astro moon booties!

♥ These cozy black booties would be so nice to have in the winter.

♥ This elegant oxblood clutch is on my autumn dream list.

♥ This forest green bucket bag makes me feel a little drool-y.

♥ A very good, colorful leather clutch.

♥ I’m pretty sure we all need some indigo leather slippers to shuffle around in.

♥ Ooohhh… modern pearl studs. SO LOVELY.

♥ Those amazing planters I mentioned are on major sale. (20% off: BESTIES)

♥ These ceramic planters with stands are also beautiful. (20% off: BESTIES)

♥ Oh, hello. Very into this black marble coffee table. (20% off: BESTIES)

♥ The coziest Irish throw blankets — love the wonderful color options!

♥ The sweetest vintage-inspired tinware measuring spoons.


Saturday, September 24. 9AM to 1PM. Come to Betsy & Iya this Saturday for Brunch at Betsy & Iya — a fun, family-friendly shindig with shopping deals, breakfast treats, coffee, jewelry crafts to occupy the kiddos, studio tours, and more! Betsy & Iya is located at 2403 NW Thurman St. MORE INFO.

Saturday, September 24. 11AM to 4PM. Make sure to go to the wonderful SAMPLE & SECONDS SALE at Shop Boswell with Caravan Pacific and Brookes Boswell. AMAZING deals on hats, ceramics, lighting, home goods, and pretty accessories. Be an early bird to get the best scores! Shop Boswell is located at 729 SE Morrison St. MORE INFO.

Sunday, September 25 at 11AM to 4PM. Stop by Portland Flea + Food to shop 65+ vendors (new and vintage goods) and yummy local food and drinks! Portland Flea + Food takes places at the intersection of SE 6th + Salmon. MORE INFO.


PHOTOS: 1. John Rawlings for Vogue, June 1945. 2. Balmain on the Seine by Genevieve Naylor, 1946. I’m really feeling the 1940s lately, I guess!