Lovely Things #12

YAY! Lookie! Here’s a new Lovely Things roundup. I don’t see that much of a common thread through it besides muddy rose hues, metallics, shine, and fleurs. I’m so excited about spring. Winter has felt dreadfully long this year for a lot of reasons personal, political, and also with our muddy, somber weather. Here’s to sunshine, birds tweeting, and flowers popping up. Find more LOVELY THINGS.

This lovely art print is how the season feels right now — flowers peeking around the corner.

I’m not usually really into purple, but I’m feelin’ this cute jacket.

Currie always has an amazing selection of ceramics in her shop.

I’ve been thinking about this one time we got all the things at Maurice — need to go back SOON!

I’m glad Elise restocked these lovely Matisse-inspired totes!

Oh, just some sweet pink new school wedge clogs. Love them in black, too!

Oooh la la! I adore this little pink moon wallet and its shiny zipper.

Hello there — you pretty mother of pearl modern signet ring.

This gauze-y top, in its mocha-taupe-lavender-pink hue, looks like a summer staple.

There’s something sweet and very modern Jane Birkin about this top and high-waisted jeans.

A pretty salmon softshine top that gives a big ol’ nod to vintage slips. And it comes in 5 colors!

Yeah. This sculptural dirty blush clutch is a vision with that marble fastener.

Jessica kills it every season and her new spring shoe collection is beautiful.

I’m really into this double-breasted golden metallic jacket. It would be so cute over a dress or with jeans.

A brass snake? A squiggle? Love these lightweight brass earrings!

Two shirts in one! This simple cotton wrap top can tie in back or front.

This whole new collection is beautiful. Shout out to that perfect orange-leaning red shade!

This scarf speaks for itself. Vive La Resistance!

I really want to get my nose on this fancy stromboli candle and my hands on that gorgeous ceramic jar it comes in.

I need a truckload of tulips and daffs, please. Mine are all late to the spring party.

Springtime with Micaela Greg

You can count on the Micaela Greg ladies always bring the goods! Their new collection for spring has such a dreamy palette! Cream, maize, sea glass, moss, camel, and faded black — they all look so beautiful. I especially love a deep mustard gold hue next to a minty green. My favorites from Marie and Karen this season are the Loop Dress, the Palma Jumpsuit, the Sac Jackets, and, of course, all their lovely cotton sweaters. My very favorite sweater has to be the Sea Salt Lune Sweater — SO pretty. More HERE.

Images courtesy of Micaela Greg.

Super Marché

WOW. Victoria’s beautiful shop, Super Marché, is… the bee’s knees… the bomb… just really freaking wonderful. I pretty much want everything. The things I would pass on — it’s really only because I have enough home goods already like them. I even wilted inside upon finding out some of the pretties I wanted are already sold. Super Marché is a gem and it isn’t surprising that it is all so drool-worthy since it’s Victoria who shares her good eye every day on her blog SF Girl By Bay. AND THESE ARE THINGS SHE’S FOUND WHILE SHOPPING FOR ANTIQUES AROUND FRANCE. Sigh. I’ve rounded up my faves below (this is the edited list and it is humongous!), but SM is to the brim with amazingness. I’d love to have this stool, this nude figure, and this, this, this, and these to hang in my home. More HERE.

Images courtesy of Super Marché


I love these stylish bathing caps from Shhhowercap. I admit I was first sucked in after seeing some of their photographs which felt like a little nod to photographer Deborah Turbeville’s amazing bathhouse series from the mid-1970s. Jacquelyn De Jesu designed these beauties to fit what turns out to be a pretty big market of people who wanted to look good at home, out and about, at the beach, and at the pool. Plus, the longer and thicker your hair is, the more awkward and painful putting on a tight, traditional rubber swim cap has always been. I love the turban shape and cute prints. My current faves are The Opal, The Minx, The Astor, and The Kent. More HERE.

Images courtesy of Shhhowercap.

Korinne Vader

There are so many sweet designs for sunny days available from Canadian designer Korinne Vader! I love Korinne’s mission statement “I believe in providing well-made products, in a timely matter with a low environmental impact. I try hard to keep my prices reasonable. I rarely have sales and believe strongly in the ‘you get what to pay for’ theory.” YES. It’s also nice that Korinne donates her leftover fabric scraps to local seamstresses and she has a zero waste goal for her business for 2018. My favorites are the white Linen Robe, the lilac linen Flora Dress, the black linen Margot Dress, the black linen Everyday Dress, the black linen V-neck Dress with 3/4 sleeves, the black linen Odette Jumpsuit, the black washed linen Everyday Jumpsuit, the light pink linen Rose Top, the oatmeal linen Pocket Top, and the grey linen Drawstring Trousers. Please note: Korinne is a one woman show and currently only makes one size for each garment. More HERE.

Images courtesy of Korinne Vader. Photos by Kelly Brown.